YAAAYYYYYY!! WE MADE IT!! Finally, after a long list of works, editing, preparations, and considerations. Here we are ALIVE & ACTIVE in the blogging zone. I, personally, feel so over the moon and thrilled to share this moment with you guys. Since, this is my very first post (in my life), I would like to introduce you to my crew.

Andri: daddy and photographer.

Kenny: mommy, fashion stylist, and blogger.

Jared: firstborn, entertainer, fire-cracker, and drummer.

Moreover, I would also dedicate this first post as my gratitudes speech. I thank God for His works and His timings over my life. I would never be who I am today without Him. He gave me talents and empower me to inspire people with my gifts.

To my multi-talented hubby; who has been very very very very helpful and supportive from the beginning till today. You are truly a God-sent. Thank you for capturing all these wonderful moments of The Tjungs. Thank you for your continuous love and care for the family. J and I love you so much.Well, enough with him. Somehow, I feel like he’s gonna fly anytime soon. 😉 LOL.

Last but not least, I would also thank all the families and friends who have been complimenting and suggesting us to start our own blog. Guys!!! We did it!!! HA. Thanks for your faith in us. We love you tons!

Let the journey begin! Come on board with The Tjungs. We do hope you enjoy our daily stroll.


The Tjungs


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