Hey guyyysss….Hope you are all feeling joyful today! just like me when I found out that the sun was finally shining. oh yeah!! And you guessed it! PHOTO TIME…

We thought that it’s a good time to take J’s out for some play under the sun after 3 full days staying with snacks, blankets and DVDs. right?!  And sometimes, I feel so guilty as a mom, to let my kid get exposed with the screens. But, at the same time, I just need to get some things done (eg: chopping, frying, ironing) and honestly; a time to breath (if you know what I mean). Well, I know that the housekeeping business could wait and letting your kids involved is a good thing. But, I don’t think it work for an exploring 2year old buddy. Ha. Some mums, they judge easily on us who let our kids watching TV/iPads, I don’t blame them, instead, I adore them for being so present for their kid 24/7 and being so organised. So, please don’t judge us too. I believe as a parent, our job is to supervise our kid, not to strict them. “NOTHING TOO MUCH” is good, isn’t it?! 😉

And here’s the sneak peak of our outdoor play yesterday wearing our favourite DENIMS too. I, personally think that DENIM is one of the basic essential that every one of us has to have in our closet besides black and white. Cause, what can go wrong with denim, huh? Layering or by itself. Sunny or cloudy. Day or night. Whatever. It WILL DO.

Top it up with a fedora hat for an edgy look, just like my boys below.

And scarf is a perfect accessories to keep you warm in a sunny chill day. It’s not too much or overheated.



Sunnies (Le Specs), Denim Jacket (I Love H81), Scarf (Mango), White Shirt (Zara), Skirt (local market), Heels (Freelance)


Fedora (Lack Of Color/ @lackofcoloraus), Sunnies (Urban Outfitters), Denim Jacket (Pull&Bear), Jeans (H&M), Boots (Aquila) 


Fedora (Cotton On Kids), Denim Jacket (H&M kids), White Shirt (Gingersnaps), Mickey Mouse jeans (@izzybizzyshop), Shoes (nike jordan)


The Tjungs


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