I woke up pretty late this morning with aching joints, leg paints and fatigue. POSITIVE! I am in my period and couldn’t sleep till 4am. Thank God for my ready-steady hubby who came to rescue this morning, he took J’s out from his cot and calmed him down with a glass of warm milk and let me sleep through for a little few minutes more. Yeah, I meant it. 3-5 minutes later J’s climbed on my bed and snugged into my blanket. Ha. For God’s sake, why does bub really know how to annoy you on your possible unproductive day?! I seriously felt like screaming. Leave me alone!!

I collected myself, got up from my bed, and went straight to brush my teeth. The moment I looked at myself in the mirror, I realised I was desperately need to wash my hair. But again as you know, for us, mum, showering is a luxury thing. You’ll be lucky to get showered by kids’ nap time. So, girls…what can go more than A BAD HAIR DAY and being late?! It perhaps one of the most annoying problem for all of us. aye?

“These won’t work.” I said to myself. I gotta do something. I would not let these situations ruined my day. I felt so bad for letting J’s crying out on next door cause I was having too much fun with my sleeping business. SO, I guess today is the day when I need a bright color in my life. hhhmmm…let’s go with RED. Red is the color of fire and blood, so it is associated with energy, strength, power, determination as well as passion, desire, and love. Red is a very emotionally intense color. It enhances human metabolism, increases respiration rate, and raises blood pressure. Exactly what I need! ENERGY BOOSTER and LOVE. This is the time when my multifunction headband came in so handy and helpful. Here’s my super easy BAD HAIR DAY TRICK:

  1. Tie your hair up, and make a bun (3 secs)
  2. Put the headband on (3-5 mins for beginners)
  3. Draw your lip line with red lip liner (10 secs)
  4. Finally, apply your favourite Red Lipstick on (2 secs)


Headband (Dotti), Lipstick (L’oreal Paris no.70), Lip Liner (Maybelline)

Voila…here’s my final look for today. This RED color had seriously changed my mood dramatically. Everytime I saw myself in the mirror, that color just popped and gave me a new hope that today’s gonna be a great day.


Then, I decided to take J’s out for a nice brunch around the neighbourhood. We went to Dachshund Coffee in Hunters Hill. (visit their website COME.SIT.STAY is their motto. They were truly delivered. Inviting place, tasty food, good coffee. We wanted to stay a bit longer, especially J, he’s enjoying the colouring table provided for the minis. I recommended this place for Northern suburbs mums. 😉

As I wrote this blog, I realised that joy/happiness is not something that will always come automatically. Most of the days, you gotta work hard for it, you gotta pursue it. Joy is a decision. I was glad that I chose joy over sorrow. I was glad that I decided to put on my Red gear, dressed a bit up, and went out for brunch rather than watching TVs on my PJs and oily hair.

Psalm 16:9, NIV Therefore my heart is glad and my tongue rejoices; my body also will rest secure.

Whatever you decided in your heart and mind today will eventually affect your body. When you decided that YOU WILL, your body will start to move accordingly. When you said YOU CAN, your body will start to functioning appropriately towards your goal. So, friends…let His words transformed your mind and resonate into your heart. CHOOSE WISELY TODAY! God bless! And Happy Long Weekend.


The Tjungs


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