HAPPY FRI-YAY! it’s a gloomy day in Sydney, no plans for the day, nowhere to go, and J’s napping a bit longer than usual. I guess, it’s a perfect time to do some throwbacks. As I’m flicking through the galleries on my iphone, I found some good old pictures worth to share. And these pictures are the first #ootd pictures we took as a couple. Most of the time, J’s falling asleep in the car, and we can’t move him from the car seat cause he will wake up as soon as we unlocked the seatbelt. So, NO CHOICE, we gotta either wait in the car or keep driving till he wake up. Both are not the best options, but we are powerless. He rules this family. hahahahaha. Take me back to toddler’s life!!

So, we were thinking why don’t we make the best out of his nap time? By taking pictures of us as a couple?! Camera is inside the booth. #ootd is ON POINT. Find one or two perfect aisle with cool backgrounds. And, we are ready for the shoot. It is a WIN-WIN situation for EVERY one. For those of you who were checking out our Instagram and still wondering how can we have a couple shot with a toddler along? Follow those tricks above, guys! and please do not forget to HAVE FUN!! Ha. Have fun you say…I don’t think so.

Your life is over when you have kids. I heard this statement a lot, and I kinda disagree. Having family, especially with kids along, is required more tolerance than sacrifice. We don’t have to sacrifice our dreams/passions, we just need to tolerate more of changing plans and tweaking schedules.

My kid inspired me a lot in many ways, and I don’t think I could be who I am today without him; enjoying blogging and pursuing my passion in fashion styling. He made me see a bigger version of ME. So, YOLO. and here’s my motto. Let’s make THE BEST out of today.

And…our first #ootd went like this…longline blazer, shirt, and chinos. All inspired by Japanese Fashion Style. What do you guys think? Yay or Nay?


Kenny : Fedora (Sportsgirl), Leopard Shirt (XSML), Nude Blazer (Forever New), White Pants (Topshop)
Andri :  Glasses (Bailey Nelson), Longline Khaki Blazer (Womb_Osu), Shirt (Zara), Chinos (Aquila Menswear)


The Tjungs


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