MONDAY CURRENT SITUATION in thetjungs’ house

“Still in the weekend mode” never applies to my kid. What about yours?! I literally drink more coffee on Monday. Daddy’s off to his longest day at work in a week. J’s pulling off my dress while whinging for anything possible. And ME, huh…shake it off, baby! Walk away, let him cry for a moment (selective hearing mode on), and go get some fresh air. I thought, he gotta learn how to deal with the word NO any time soon, so why not teaching him as early as possible. That 30seconds – 1 minute breathing time is really help you to clear out your mind and refresh your soul. Rather than screaming at him which will make him cry louder, I would come back and ask him gently to stop crying and explaining the reason why I said NO to his request. I know this method won’t work instantly, your toddler will keep doing the same thing 5 mins after the reconciliation, but heyyy…kids learn through repetition of events. Don’t give up. Keep doing what you’re doing, and they will get your whole point one day.

And by the way… J is turning 2 years old in just 2 days, wish me luck for this “terrible two”. Some part of me is very excited to see many new developments and more funny words/statements will come out from his little mouth, but on the other hand, I am terrified to deal with this fiery adventurous little man. He has shown more peak tantrums and being more demanding for the past 3 months, would it be gone worse?! Any tips and tricks how to deal with this tantrums are more than welcome, please comment below. 

And today we’re dressing in WHITE THEME plus we took some twinning pose too. So proud of my J, he’s been really enjoying this modelling thing lately (still along with a box of chocolates and dozen of lollies). He even helped me pressing the camera button. hhmmm… Not sure, which side are you good at son, Daddy or Mommy?! Photographer or Model? hahahahaha…

 Kenny : Sunnies (Urban Outfitters), Jacket (Armani Jeans), A-line Dress (Zara), Sling Bag (Furla), Boots (Aldo)
Jared : White Vest Mesh & Pants (Beau Bella Kids), Denim Shirt (H&M Kids), Shoes (Converse)


The Tjungs


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