@thejuniorstyle: ROYAL TWO BIRTHDAY


HAPPY 2nd ROYAL BIRTHDAY dear my lil J. We love you so much, much more than what you can think of. We let you to be a KING for the day, and wish you had your best time as the “ruler”(just like your name meaning; Jared = ruler) of the house for a day. It’s a training ground for your future leadership, so take this opportunity seriously, son. Ha.

We surprised J with a tiny celebration in the morning, with giant baloons and choc mud cake + candles. And his face was a total priceless, I can’t even described it. We sang a happy birthday song and blew candles. Next, was breakfast time, guess what ddi we have for brekkie? YEAHHHH…choc mud cake + ice cream. BEST THING EVER!! for a toddler like J. WORST THING EVER! for an oldie like mum and dad whom in need for some exercises and detox. Then, let’s take some family photos with the birthday boy!!


Next, we went out for lunch at The Incinerator ; A Modern European menu in a 1930s building with a vaulted ceiling, designed by Walter Burley Griffin. What a nice opened area to spend a quality time with family. And love the food too. I recommended the chicken salad with quinoa, spinach, baked pumpkin, pine nuts and goat cheese for you who is trying to eat clean but still can’t resist not to have some meat on your meal. Just like me. hahahahaha. 😉 And daddy had to stick with wagyu sandwich; he’s not that adventurous with food, but I didn’t blame him though. Again, we let J chose his lunch, he went with fish and chips + ketchup. J woke up pretty late this morning, so he got a lot of spare energy to burn after lunch, so we decided to take some #ootd pictures of him. And here are they…

This outfit was a winner to me. Swag-ness overload. Little Kid. Big Style. YES! That’s our boy.

Next, we headed out to Luna Park because J was nagging to ride a horse. So, we went to Luna Park, located at Milsons Point, on the northern shore of Sydney Harbour in order to fulfil his wish. BUT, as soon as we arrived, we realised that today was Thursday, and Luna Park was closed for operation.

They opens Fri-Sun ONLY on school terms. We’re so sad… 😦 especially J, he saw through the merry-go-round behind the curtains, but he couldn’t get in. It was like, seeing your dreams within the reach, but you simply can’t have a taste of it. It’s devastating. And as 2 year old, I guess it would be harder for him to handle than us, adults. So, to paid it off, we bought him a giant lollies which so pricy ($11.95 each) which bigger than his face size. Trust me, it’s prob the biggest and heaviest lollies I’ve ever seen.

As a note: I AM OBSESSED with his hair cut by Mr. Cuts Top Ryde. Seriously on point. Thanks to Isaac as the stylist. We definitely will be back for another cut in the next few months.

Then we spent the rest of our afternoon to check out some art gallery in the city, Museum Contemporary Art, just to give J a bit of taste of art and design, and wish that he would love it as much as the parents do. We tried that hard though. And to our surprise, he seemed quite enjoy the trip, he didn’t scream or run around. He paid attention to most of the handworks. I guess, we brought him to the right place. >< We would recommended you to visit MCA one day, free admission, great artworks and concepts. It won’t disappoint you.


We finished the day with a city stroll, as usual. And loving every time we gotta spend as a family.

Special thanks to Daddy, who’s taking off a day off specially to celebrate J’s birthday together, took us to some magical places and captured a lot of precious moments of our beloved grown son. Last word, HAPPY BIRTHDAY JARED. As your parents, we will always be there for you to guide you to your destiny and calling that God has placed in your heart. And remember, You don’t have to be the best at everything, just find your one thing, and do it best! WE LOVE YOU SON!



The Tjungs




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