Who hates spending big on shoes?! I DO. I feel like I spend too much for things that will get so dirty anyway and couldn’t be seen on most of my photos. hahahaha. Well, it’s just me. Not sure about you though. Anyway, since I only have 2 pair of boots; black and brown; and both are flats. I often get bored. I am longing to wear something vary depending on my outfit as well as staying warm in this cold weather is a real challenge for some of us perhaps. So, I figured out the cheaper ways to keep me warm this winter: UTILISING MY SOCKS. It’s a really GREAT IDEA, I would say. hhmm..BRILLIANT to be exact. 😉 cause I can save on my pocket money. Finally…some saving is always worth it. And socks are coming to the rescue. They’ve been stuck like forever inside my closet, time to give them some space to breath the fresh air. 😉

So here are 3 WAYS TO STYLE YOUR SOCKS this winter.

  1. Over-the-knee socks + oxford shoes

    Oversized Leather Jacket (Calvin Klein), N-FK Tee (Nor-Folk), Skirt (Bershka), Socks (Sportsgirl), Oxford Shoes (Topshop)
  2. Medium length socks + heels

    Denim Shirt & Shorts (Mango), Tee (Nor-Folk), Socks (Uniqlo)
  3. Medium length socks + sneakers

    Tee (H&M), Distressed jeans (Mango), Socks (Big W), Sneakers (Adidas)

So, hope this hack will help you to save some money this winter. And give you more ideas of fresh styling idea for this season. and let us say NO BOOTS NO WORRIES.




The Tjungs


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