@thejuniorstyle: WINTER LAYERING

Happy Thursday!! Mid week and it looks great so far. It is getting colder and colder right here, and I guess it is the time for me to post some new fashion inspiration for your little ones.

Winter can be boring sometimes cause you might use the same coat or jacket for a week straight. Can’t be bother to buy too many thick and heavy outer anyway. Especially for your little ones, it is so not worth it, they will outgrow anytime soon. But, hey! Winter can’t be boring! It should be as fun as summer. Put more layers on your little ones. Let’s do some layering: summer, spring/fall and winter outfits. I love layers cause it can easily be adjusted depends on the changing weather throughout the day. I guess that’s the whole point you’re wearing layer, right?! One more good thing about layers, it can be applied anywhere and any season. 😉

Well, here are some inspirations for your minis.

Processed with VSCO with a7 preset

Leather Jacket (Little Kandy Kids), Denim Shirt (H&M), Young Loud & Fearless Tee (Kidult & Co)

Processed with VSCO with a7 preset

Blazer (H&M), Cardigan (Zara), Shirt (Target), Trackies (Beau Bella Kids)


The Tjungs


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