Hi guys!! hope you had a good week so far. I supposed to write yesterday, but I didn’t feel well, sore throat hit, and J’s been a bit cranky due to his eczema. So I decided to slept early. And thank God, I woke up feeling much better and motivated.

So, here I am today, ready to share The Tjungs latest #ootd twinning in KHAKI BOMBER. Yeahhh.. we are following the trend of 2016; BOMBER JACKET & KHAKI COLOR. I named called it a uniforms color, cause before khakis were ONLY found on armies or soldiers’ uniforms. but guess what?! Today, they become the NEW BLACK! How cool is that. Even me, I have more than 5 pieces of khakis in my closet. So do my boys. Well, it simply because I was the one who did most of the shopping and they are my living mannequin. Ha.

blue wall-3
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blue wall-4

Look at my J, he’s so fierce! He got it from Daddy I guess. LOL. To be exact, J was just woke up from nap, so he’s still not getting the groove yet. And after a lil while and by the help of the lollies, J’s fully awake and brought his personality into the set. We played, teased one another, watched the ants on the road, and enjoyed the moments.

blue wall-14

blue wall-15blue wall-16

Oh and this is a SPECIAL SHOT for daddy and son. Because they were wearing the same tee and they both so into music. So, we were so lucky to get The Beetles tee by Little Pep what a legend!

blue wall-8blue wall-9blue wall-12

How do you like our pairing? KHAKI + DISTRESSED collections. The best combo! Suit all ages and genders, don’t you think?!

blue wall-2blue wallblue wall-13

We finished our day by spending a tea break time at the side of the road; Victoire Bakery. This truck was fuelled by lots of tasty choices of pastry and bakery. Prices range from $7 – $10. A bit pricy though, but the taste and quality was paid off. It’s still recommended.

blue wall-23blue wall-22

Andri: Sunnies (Rayban), Bomber Jacket (Zara), Tee (Little Pep), Distressed Denim (Izzy Bizzy Denim), Stan Smith (Adidas)
Kenny: Sunnies (Urban Outfitters), Bomber Jacket (Dotti), Distressed Denim (Forever New), Clog (Sporstgirl)
Jared: Bomber Jacket (Target), Tee (Little Pep), Distressed Denim (Izzy Bizzy Denim), Boots (H&M Kids)




The Tjungs




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