OH MONDAY! Here you are. It is time to post a new #ootd of The Tjungs Squad. This time you’ll ONLY see Daddy and Mommy for the entire page. Bye J…it’s your fault for taking a very long nap yesterday and made us do this. Ha.*joking* We love nap times like this. In fact, we are in need for more nap times, so we got to spend some quality time as a couple. Just the TWO OF US.


There’s NO specific theme for today’s #ootd. We’re just being true to ourself; freeing our soul. Andri is a guy who loves freedom and yet he has a pretty good organisation skill. He loves simplicity, and he make complicated things simple. So, that’s why I consider him as a smart guy. 😉 And here’s his daily smart casual style.



Bomber Jacket & White shirt & Chinos (Zara), Sweats (Marcs), Sunnies (Urban Outfitters), Stan Smith (Adidas)

I, myself, is a girl who loves adventure. In contrast to Andri, I have poor organisational skill, I do things randomly and spontaneously. I am a fun person, but I myself do not think that I am funny. Andri is more funnier than me. He has a pretty darn good old time jokes which always work for me. wkwkwkwkkwkw. So, yeahhh…I pretty much love to try many styles and today I guess I was loving my gothic look. What do you think?


Matte Lipstick & choker (Sporstgirl), Longline Tan Vest (Seed Heritage), Black dress (H&M), Clutch (Tory Burch), Ring (Mimco), Boots (Sam Edelman)

We had so much fun taking shots of one another while J’s napping in the car. We laughed, we smiled, we threw some useless jokes, we danced, we hugs and kisses each other. Just like our usual date. *without leaving the car and J’s behind, it stayed next to us for the entire shooting session*

After yesterday, I realised how important it is a quality time with the first guy in the family. Even just a few minutes or hours, it counts. It brought me back to our old first love days. When just the TWO OF US starred at each other, stopped the time, and rule the world. Trust me, it will give you your sparks back. And yeahhh..it went on till night time. yuhuuuu…


Have you planned your next date with spouse yet? we have. Stay tuned for some updates.




The Tjungs




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