Let’s welcome Monday again! with smiles and hi-5. You’d better be good to me. I always wish that I can sleep in on Monday pretending it’s still weekend. Unfortunately, my walking and jumping alarm alerted even earlier and louder than normal days. oh why?! I used to pray, God please be gracious to me on a day such this.

Monday is NOT the day most of us looking forward to, but it is actually the very most important day of the week. Monday is a START. Monday signs a NEW beginning for another coming week. Without Monday, we wouldn’t be able to say TGIF (Thank God For Friday). duhh…so obvious… 🙂 Off to a good start is crucial for our life, cause your start will set the tone for the day. Remember, all those days when we woke up late and forced to shift all the overnight plans. We easily got annoyed with all the little things thrown at us at that very intense times. And NO thing get done properly anyway. I’ve just wasted my 24 hours.

As I realised how important it is to have a good start. I keep telling myself to always create a good day. HOW? simple. AVOID things that will ruin your mood. Here are my version Monday DO’s and DONT’s :


  1. Avoid PJ’s – pick up a good outfit and feel good about yourself
  2. Spend at least 15 mins to just calm your mind and feel it with positive words and encouragements
  3. Do something that makes you happy, sort of a good therapy for yourself. In my case, it would be Window Shopping.


  1. Sleep in
  2. Heavy make up – feel easy on yourself, it’s NOT the end of the world when the neighbours eyeing on your bare face. Sunnies and lip gloss will come easy to rescue.
  3. Don’t rush things, everything’s gonna be alright

Hope it will help you settling down your Monday Madness. Cause it surely does work for me. Motherhood is not an easy job at all, but it is the most developing job I would ever encounter. It taught us A LOT in such A SMALL durations. So, hat off, respect to ALL SUPER MOMS out there. You are amazing and beautiful just the way you are. xx


The Tjungs


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