We just had a FUN Sunday; served together as a couple at church, lunched with some old and new friends, coffee hunting, #ootd photoshoot and playground visitation in the evening. What a glorious way to spent Sunday. Friends and Coffee are always the best companion, don’t you think? And yeah check out this place Campos Alexandria for some serious coffee lover.


Well, for The Tjungs #ootd this round, ONCE AGAIN! We dressed up in BLACK. When in doubt, wear black. I guess, mommy is always in doubt mode. Because again she styled the family IN BLACK. Seriously!! But, I gotta admit that we were kinda had a hectic Sunday morning as per usual, and what came in my mind and what I saw is BACK everywhere. So I decided to go with black on black.

B&C2Kenny : Jacket (Armani Jeans), Shirt (Fashi8on Store), Shoes (Siren), Sling Bag (Decjuba)B&C3B&C4Andri : Blazer + Pants (Zara), Shoes (Aquila) / Jared : Caps (TwoLittleSouls), Jacket (Little Kandy), Tee (Kidult & Co), Pants (Little XO Kings), Shoes (H&M Kids)

Am I lucky or blessed to be able to call these two boys mine? They ARE such a cutie. Copied one another. Acted like one another. Dressed like one another. And their brown boots.


And we finished the day by viewing these beautiful sunset by the water a Drummoyne park. We live in such a beautiful country indeed. Thank you Jesus.


The Tjungs


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