I used to hate cutting my hair way too much, I mean I used to be so pissed off when they cut my hair more than 3 inches. I walked out the saloon with such ashamed. Now people are able to see my masculine arms. And one time, there was this lady cutting my hair super short just right on top of my shoulders. And OMG, I was literally crying once I sit down on my car. Poor me. But, little that I know, people started to praise my hair like never before. Saying it suited me very well, you looked fresh, I love how you style your hair, and it went on. So, I thought to myself, yeahhh, I believe what the magazines said about the correlation of hair length and face shapes. I certianly know short to medium hair are not easy to play around with, unlike the long hair. But what about minimal hair? Ha. I used to think I can only do 2 things to my hair; curls or straight. Which one for today?

Hey!! NOT ANYMORE. Refer to my Top Choices below for your reference. It is so simple to do it at home and will not take more than 5 mins of your time. The same amount of curling and straightening. And it is so perfect for Spring Season. When the sun is out, and you just need some free tanned for your body.

Here are some tools you need to achieve below looks.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset


Give some more oomph to your curled hair, so easy to do, my favorite of all times.

  • Curl your hair as per usual
  • Part your hair to a quarter (from top to bottom)
  • Make a small bun and tied it, you may need some bobby pins for the some stubborn baby hairs. 


  • To achieve this look, you may curl your hair beforehand, but it is NOT necessary
  • Get ALL your hair in one hand
  • tied it all up to half way through ONLY, till you achieved below look (do not make ponytail at first tied up attempt and continue with the half way through process)
  • Some hair may slip out of your hands, but do not mind it. That’s the point we’re trying to achieve; messy look. the messier, the cooler 😉 SIMONSAYS7


Look so good with hair bandana or any stand out hair piece. And is not too heavy for daily look.

  • Make a nice and sleek ponytail, using comb and hairspray to calm all the baby hair down.
  • Tie up your hair
  • Do some braids
  • Bandana on Processed with VSCO with a6 preset


This look is perfect for semi formal to formal events. A bit too heavy for daily walk but why not try it once in a while and stand out from the crowds.

  • Comb your hair, make sure to eliminates all tangles
  • Part your hair into three section (left, middle and right)
  • Spray each section and comb it to the back of your head
  • For more FORMAL look, you may pompadour your hair first before you spray and comb it. The purpose is to give more volume to your hair. Just like below picture
  • Repeat the process for at least 3 times or until you achieve the look you desire
  • Last but not least, put on some pomade to give a sleek wet look to your hair


Hope you like these 4 hair styles as much as I do. Happy trying. See you on the next post.


The Tjungs


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