Sorry for the D + 1 late post. We had such a hectic weekend and really couldn’t finished the editing process that quick. But today, we were fully recharged and here are some new updates of The Tjungs ootd. GREY ON GREY. Another monochrome day. Yes! We do love monochrome that much. And, never knew that grey on grey would look this fabolous for spring. The color is NOT that heavy and dark like black. Yet it is NOT as clean and bright as white. And when you layered it on top one another, it was just blended really well, at least with the asphalt and your car. 😉 Suitable for day and night and will fit most occasions. So why not give it a try?

Put aside note that I’m quite disappointed with my hair color today. As time goes by, and the original color started to faded. ;( so sad… I am so tempted to do another bleaching and re-do the whole process, but thinking that it’s not a wise decision for my hair. SO, definitely, I’ll just give my hair at least 3months break. Then we’ll see what other color I would try to pull off.


Andri: Shirt (Topman), Grey Denim (Asos), Watch (Uniform Wares) // Jared: Pompom Hat (Zaibob), Shirt (Target AU), Grey longline tee (Freckledandco), Harems (Babies by bee)

Here are some of my faves to start off spring season in Sydney; choker, basic tee, basic laces dress, longline cardigan, and get your clogs out and give your toes some fresh air. And of course, another reason to go for manicure & pedicure, beautiful polished nails indeed.

Kenny: choker (Glassons), Tee (H&M), Midi Grey Basic Dress (Missguided), Clogs (Ko Fashion)

And for your juniors, layered is still my number one option of all outfits. Cause it will keep them warm and still give them a lot more room to move and play with their little hands. So I chose EERR…thing SHORT SLEEVE; short sleeve shirt and shirt sleeve longline basic tee, pompom hat (cause it’s too cute, no other specific reason), harems.



The Tjungs


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