I remembered praying to God for a life partner when I was still teenager. I had tons of small preferences I kept for in my mind ONLY for my personal consumption. And the lists I wrote on a piece of paper at one conference in 2011. God answered it all in one through my husband, Andri. He is the man whom God has sent to my life as my special assignment (in a positive way). I would always do my best to execute this assignment to get my “HD”. And I am always grateful to be able to call him; MY MONOCHROME PARTNER, today.

We met first met each other on 2007, and remained friends for the next 5 years. Early 2012, we were both broke up from our previous relationship. And kinda had the same mission to pursuing God’s calling upon our life, and NOT desperately seeking for a life partner yet (but still putting this matter on our Top 3 prayer lists) But hey! God had another plan, He was up for a match making  business. Out of nowhere, our senior pastor wanted to open up a new extension church service in the metro city area, and Andri was appointed to be the lead pastor there. And I was the lucky one to be chosen as his assistant. Ha. From there, we were getting to know more better and deeper. And decided to take this relationship more seriously. It took us for 9 months to get engaged, and another 11 months to get married. yeahhh…It was pretty instant. Some people thought that it’s NOT enough durations for us to get to know one another and to understand one another. But, God seemed to ease all the introduction process; getting to know your partner 101, we had the same vision towards our future, the same principal of life, the same beliefs of the Kingdom of God, the same desires to start a family (with kids). I guess, there is NO thing made me thinking twice to said “I DO”. right?! 😉 andri-kenny

Well, besides our similarities, of course, we had some differences and preferences. And yes! those are the things that we need to work on to maintain the UNITY within the family. These are the areas where we need to extend more grace and slow in judging. Give more compliments and less taking score. We are in this together. We are made for one another. And we are stronger together. We’re not only completing one another, beyond that we are complimenting one another with our strengths. And this is one of the reason why we started our blog journey. Andri has the gift in photography, and myself always passionate in fashion, and J, he is our model and inspirations. We found that blog is one of the tool that can facilitate each and everyone’s gifts at the same time. This was just one example of many more.

Romans 12:4-5 For just as each of us has one body with many members, and these members do not all have the same function, so in Christ we, though many, form one body, and each member belongs to all the others.

These words. It taught and helped us a lot in building the strong foundation of our families. We rarely find ourselves caught up in a big argument or fight simply by applying this simple method of body of Christ. Rather than focusing on fixing my spouse, I should first checking on to my own functionality of my role as a wife; the helper of my husband.

Later these days, I found that we’re become more alike in almost every aspect. Same fashion taste, same food preferences, same way of thinking, more than once I found both of us wearing the same color scheme outfit for the day (purely unplanned ><) hahahaha. Isn’t it funny?! He becomes me. and I becomes him. ONE COLOR. ONE TONE. ONE HEART. So that is why I called him my MONOCHROME PARTNER. He is my favourite just like I love Monochrome that much. And today let me share our latest monochrome theme photo profile as a couple.

kk020811kk020826Andri : shirt (Uniqlo) // Kenny : basic tee & dress (Glassons)

Everyday I thank God for my relationship with my husband, for those of you who knows us daily and in the real life, I guess they know how we roll as a family. We are all about FUN and OUTGOING. We enjoy one another, we tease one another, we love one another. See you one the next post.


The Tjungs


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