Dear all mums, we’re facing the same struggles when it comes to this dirty matter: POTTY TRAINING. Yes! We gotta dig in to that private area again, and get dirty. not that exciting though. I can’t remember how many yuccckkk moments I’ve got through with. But it’s all worth it. Well, today I’m gonna share my happiness with you all. I proudly declare that Mr. J is fully potty trained. Woot…woot… I’m s proud of my baby, and I could tell from his face, that he is also proud of himself. YEEAAHH!

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Since early of the year, I was so determined to get J’s into potty training. I heard and saw few of my friends’ kid been doing it for a while even when they’re not even 2yo. In general, as soon as they reached 2yo, they’ll be ready for a potty trained. So, to get him ready, I tried my best to get up every morning, waiting for J to wake up and sit him down on the toilet. I knew it won’t be happening at the first day. But, at least you gotta start somewhere right. And I did. I did it constantly for a week, we’re ended up battling with constant cries and wrestles. So, I tried another way to buy a floor potty and let him sit down there while he’s watching his fave movies. But, he ended holding his wee up to 3 hours, not until I wear him nappy. Next, I’ll try an extreme one. No pants all day, and take him to the toilet every 15mins. He ended up running around the house with no pants and wee anywhere he feels like it. It’s NOT as easy as others say/suggest and as what I read on the blogs or books. Often times, I got frustrated and blaming myself. But, I realised that every kid is different. They’re facing different struggles too, just like us, an adult. They’re facing different season in life too, just like us. But ONE thing for sure, they are growing and learning day by day. Some of them are a quick learner, some of them are not. But they’re all gonna get there. So, I decided to stop comparing my son with the other kids. And start embracing who he is. And that the moment, when I could find myself so easy on me and my son too. AndI think he could feel it too, so he suddenly progressing 200km/hr in just 3 days. I could clearly declare that he is fully potty trained. Ha. I can’t believe it.

Here’s my 5 tips to start a potty trained on toddlers: 

  1. CREATE AWARENESS: Rather than forcing them to sit down on the potty every 15 minutes, run out of voices and energy, I would suggest you to create some awareness of potty trained prior the D-day. Such as, buy a new potty, and tell him that from now on they’re gonna wee and poo here. Set up a special quiet corner for their own potty. Remind him always; all the time; just like your own kids’ nag (never stop and annoying) that’s what you’re gonna do to them too. It’s your time! Ha. “Tell mommy if you wanna do pee or poo” Everytime you changed their nappy, tell them that they’re a big boy now, and ready to move to potty, just like the other big kids.

  2. LIVE BY AN EXAMPLE: DO IT TOGETHER. Go to the bathroom and do the no.1 and 2 together. Even when you don’t feel like it. Just sit there. It will surely give him an extra tons of confident in him to loosen up their bowel. 

  3. PRAISE & REWARDS: Remember to praise them for any achievements they made todate, even what you could see was just a drip of wee. At least there’s something coming out. Everything is about progress. With J, I remembered to always praise him “YOU DID IT” through every never ending toilet runs. Now, everytime he finished, he would say it to himself “I DID IT, then big smile” Praises bring such a positive vibe that would make things possible. Or make potty training such a fun activity. Let them do the magic flush once they finished. Or give them one sticker for one progress they made day by day. 

  4. LET THEM TO TAKE THE LEAD: This is the most important part. Let them take control of the training. Never force them to sit down on the pot. As they feel the more pressure, they’ll hold back even more. I remembered with J, he’s succeed peeing for 2 days, but still struggles when it comes to poo. He simply can’t let it out without the nappy on, one nurse told me that he may feel insecure. Day 1, he would cry his heart out refuse to sit down event hough his tummy aching. Day 2, he sat down on the pot, cried, and when the poo was about to come out, he suddenly ran to me, and made such a mess on the floor. Day 3, he did the poo standing on top of the potty. Day 4, victory’s here; when I was in the bathroom, when noone’s watching, he put down his trunk, sat down on the pot and successfully do the no.2 then he ran to me. Wow! I was so stunned. Proud of my boy. From that day onwards, I let him to tell me when to wee and poo, I let him to choose where (bathroom or living room while watching) to do it. I tried not to force him anymore. 

  5. NO PLAN B: If you wanted to succeed, you gotta give it ALL. So, I decided to stop buying nappies since then, I spet full 3 days training with NO nappy on to J. And I guess, now he’ll get used to with the light weight of his pants, and it made him uncomfortable with even nappy pants. You know, in case, you need to go out to the opened market that has no parents room whatsoever. 

Potty Training is something that we all need to go through as a mom. And it will never been easy. So many things involved including our emotions. Often times I found myself blaming myself for some fail strategies I applied at home. I even thought that J would never be ready for this potty training and I would never be a good coach for him. I often yelled at him when the accidents happened. But I realised, that’s all happened when you started to COMPARE your kid to your neighbours’ kid or to LISTEN to your in laws critiques. Ha. Whatever sounds were there to defeat your faith to your kids, don’t listen to it. You know your kids best! And they so rely on you. It’s a project that could NEVER be done alone. Work together and enjoy the journeys. We can do this. xx


The Tjungs



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