You might have piles of blue tees/blouses or denim, let’s be honest that’s those are the most neutral colours you would ever find after white/black. Navy, blue, denim are so easy to find anywhere in any shop or online shopping. Especially in the mens section. Rarely I found pink or purple shirts. Ha. So, today we would like to inspire you; any genres, to take your blue to the next level. And make it more flourish during this spring blooming season. ONE thing: don’t be afraid to ADD A BOLD COLOUR to your normal blues. Make blue more exciting than ever.

Red & Green are a good choice. For those of you who loves something softer, go for some Tan colors. Please, just give a touch, don’t overpower it. An accessories and/or heels are its best friend. Boys, play along with your bottoms; shift to pair of chinos for a while. 😉 OH…and that ORANGE wall! Made such a statement to the shoot. Yeahhh, one last tip, find an bold color wall if you happened to do an #ootd shoot wearing blue. hahahahaha.


Kenny: red choker (Bardot), navy loose blouse (@yuan_clothing), denim (DIY), heels (sol-sana)
orange17orange6Devina: blouse & pants (@Zara_daily), rockstud heels (Nordstorm)

Ahhhh..in love with this pair of Valentino. That aqua color. Just adorable. Thanks to our “junior architect wanna be” Devina (@devinaang) who has kindly joined our shooting session and shown a bit of her chic – street – style. Can’t wait to go for another #getlost journey with you love.

So are you ready to for the NOT A NORMAL BLUE this Spring?! I hope you do. xx



The Tjungs




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