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Hey, we had too much fun for the past few days during the long weekend, and had quite enough fantastic photos to upload too. So, here I am sharing our strolls again.

We had some church gathering yesterday with some our youth leaders, it was such an awesome rest and refreshed moments for everyone of us. Went a bit down to the south cost, blended in with the nature, enjoyed the beautiful scenery of Royal National Park NSW. With no reception around, we’re glad that we could have such a quality bonding time together as a FAMILY; more than just a TEAM I mean.

OK! First stop was Garie Beach. Swimming, sun-tanning, or picnic-ing. Do not choose one of any. You may do it ALL at one time. Ha. what a glorious day.rnp2rnp1rnp3

And this cheeky monkey, always stole the attentions of many. Look at his pineapple tee and his glasses, he asked me for it and getting ready to sing the new hits “pen-pineapple-apple-pen” song. hahahahahaha.

Next, we drove further down to the lake nearby Reids Flat Picnic Area. And let’s do a mandatory shot with the crew. What a place to relax and chill. We will sure do come back for another one or more run.rnp9rnp10rnp11rnp8

Thanks team for such a great and fun day out! Time to say goodbye. And we did. We went home on different ways, but HOME is NOT our destination. hahahaha. Here we go, the random couples; we do random things. Instead of HOME, we’re heading straight to the northern beaches; Palm Beach it was. Glad, that we arrived there at the right time. Golden Hour. yesss!! hip hip hurray!! Andri was jumped in joy, preparing his gear and forced me to be his object despite of the crazy wind, while J’s enjoying his late afternoon snacks in the car. (I can’t even let my hand off the hat though, it almost slipped and carried by the wind). Turned out, we got the best shot of the day. yeaahhhh…rnp14rnp13rnp12

Well, that was the end of our journey. We love every second we spent together as a squad. We share the same interests AND play different parts to create such a memorable moments. All the random things we did were actually the thing that I treasured it the most these days. I am tremendously HAPPY and couldn’t ask for a better squad that I have today. I would end our story by saying

“you are live to enjoy every moments, not to create a perfect moment”

If you’re still alive today, do not let this moment passed by. There’s NO such thing as a perfect moment, those collections of moments are the perfect thing for your heart to treasure. xx


The Tjungs


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