ON TREND right now: CULOTTE JUMPSUIT. You may either wear it as it is or layer it with any tops (basic to ruffles). Jumpsuit, it is such a perfect fashion investment, cause it will last through 4 seasons in a year. Culottes is back on the market, it was popular back on the 18th century when were originally the knee-breeches commonly worn by gentlemen of the European upper-classes. And guess what?! the real meaning of culottes are split-skirt. Gah. So, man you are allowed to wear skirt now without feeling awkward.

Well, anyways here are some of my favourite culotte jumpsuit. WHY? Beacuse they are versatile. Easy to be adapted to many different functions or activities as you desire.

JUMPSUIT OR CULOTTE (www.zara.com/au) – the zipper at the front enable you to transform the jumpsuit into culotte (pants). So really it is so worthy to buy, A$89.90 and you get 2 items. 

GO LOWNice Martin love all the details of this piece. And yes! it is black. Major love. Boyish look from the front. Sexy from the back. Damn girlll…show me your sexy back. So, can not wait for summer. 

DENIM & BOW – Dorothy Perkins denim plus bow belt. Groceries run to dinner date. Sneakers to wedges. It will keep you stylish through the day. No doubt. 

BACK TO BASIC – Warehouse Dunagree we all love basic! and it is a MUST to have some basics. Grey jumpsuit is the winner. The light colour will go well with any tops. And that side pockets will always come handy for my phone and keys. Cardigans are also its best friend to layer it on top incase the weather get a bit chill. 😉

So, which style is your favourite? Hope you’ll get some new inspiration on what to wear this spring season. See you on another #ontrend post by me. Good night for now.


The Tjungs


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