HELLO again from my side! I’m really hoping you had such a great days up to the mid-week like today. SO, today I AM going to share about our stroll yesterday on Andri’s day off. Yeah, lucky we could have hand out together as a family on weekdays, considering all the public places will be super jam packed during the weekend. And, isn’t it the best time to visit the latest amusement places or some cool hidden backyards. I bet ya!!

Here goes the story, J was kinda into trains lately. He started to call ALL trains “Thomas” despite of their colors, shapes, numbers on it. He will still call ALL train “Thomas” (green thomas, red thomas, yellow thomas, black thomas) in his mind, any trains named Thomas that could change color anytime anywhere. Gah. kids, you’re way too funny. And, we found out there’s some new hits places called Harold Park Tremsheds not far from the metro city area. They located just right behind Glebe, and called their hub (Glebe’s hidden backyard). that’s so cool, right! what a hidden gem. And it is called themselves, they really present them well as Sydney’s most dynamic food destination; combining the history, architecture, and community in one place. And as you enter the gate, you’ll see a big green locomotive, which was a part of one of the restaurant named Butcher and The Farmer. J’s eyes ON THEM. Hop on and stay there forever. Refused to get put from the train. Well, I’m glad that he’s having some fun there, running back and forth around the train, up down the stairs. At least he’s not watching his Ipad. Again. While mummy and daddy had their quality time over cuppa coffee and choc danish. 😉

This place so massive and spacious, I was thinking to held J’s next 3 birthday party on the train. with a theme of Thomas and friends or Dinosaur train, or just a normal train. Well, what do you think? We’ll see what’s gonna happen on 2017.

Thank God for summer, which means the sun stays up longer. And we still had plenty of time to catch the sunset. Right after J woke up from his nap, we arrived at the Concord & Ryde Sailing Club. And guess what?! Perfect timing to witness the sunset. And Andri, was so ready with his gear. He had such a talent. He got the eyes. to be photographer. And I am so thankful that he is mine. Free photos every day. HAHHAHAAHAH. So here are some of the results of our “catching the sunset” game.khakitue3khakitue30khakitue12khakitue13khakitue31khakitue32khakitue20khakitue18

It was pretty much a FULL DAY OF LOVE. Looking forward to spend more and more time with my boys. When, I count my blessings, I count them thousands. Yes! today is al about love, and to sum up our day, I wouldn’t mind to finish off the day with a kiss. I love him so much, my other half. I’ll see you on the next post. xx



The Tjungs


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