LOVE LOVE LOVE this collaboration of STREET STYLE and GLAMOUR. It is for me the lighter version of semi formal or smart casual. As a girl, of course I do wear dress and skirt. But sometimes wearing heels with a toddler on one hand and a clutch on the other hand is not practical for me. So, I got my sneakers ready in my car, anytime anywhere. In case I need some rescue. Gah. So, this week. I teamed up with my husband to showcase you some of our street glam look. Featuring our fave sneakers of all time: Adidas

streetelegant5streetelegant10streetelegant3streetelegant1streetelegant4Kenny: Stripes Bomber (H&M catwalk), white dress (Shop Link) // Andri: White Shirt (ASOS), Grey blazer (shop link)

And once J’s woken up from his longer nap than usual, he jumped in with BIG smiles to the set and gave us glimpse of his sweet side. His smiles though. I can’t even…our boy…


Happy Friday from us. Happy Weekend eve. Tomorrow, one of our friend offered a baby sit for J. So, we could have a nice date just two of us. OHHH, exactly what we need and longing for more than anything possible. So, I am indeed so excited!! Ready with my new outfit for the date tomorrow. Stay tuned for the updated blog next week. Bye for now.




The Tjungs


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