Getting ready for the day is NOT always a smooth ride for all of us (moms); the clock’s ticking, yet your body stuck in the middle of dirty table of cheerios or weetbix (if your kids prefer the healthy stuffs, def NOT my kids) and chocolate milk, toys spread on the floor where I can barely see my own feet, and ABC kids on the background (only if you live in Australia).

I have a real struggle when it comes to GETTING READY. Well, it’s NOT only a mom’s problem. It is a problem for ALL GIRLS. Yeahhhh… but, I would say it’s getting more serious when it comes to motherhood. Sometimes the pressure of making things perfect an on time got a lot of us to the point where we’re just gonna choose to go out with a NOTHING other than my “pillow face”.

I believe that every mom, we all deserve to feel good about ourself. But, how can we feel that way when all we could see was dark circles, flaws and wrinkles? Make a time to treat your body, cause you deserved it. Put some make up on and dress up well. Some of my friends asked me about this area, how do I manage to get ready with full make up on everyday. And today, here I am sharing my 5 tips & tricks that will help you getting ready in the morning (well, at least, it worked for me):


Let’s admit it that I am not a morning person. No doubts. But, beauty is pain. There are some sacrifices you need to make in results to the real beauty. Get yourself done before the kids awake.


My most effective trick is to let him play with his favorite toy right next to me, yeah in the bathroom. Yeah, right next to me. Bring whatever you can to settle them down. In my case, I will let him play some splish splash in the bathtub and shower him once I finished with my hair & make up. Easy pisy. Win-win situation.


We all DO NOT have much time to get ready. We MAKE time for it. So, let’s make every minute count. 5-8 mins max for your daily make up routine. Apply some basics light make up for day-to-day casual look. Just enough to cover your underbag around the eyes and draw some eyebrow. Finish it off with a lipgloss.


Make sure that you do all the contour, eyebrow shaping, winged liner AT HOME. The rest may wait a lil longer. Do the touch up and finishes in the car. I always store my make up pouch for an emergency.


When all those tricks failed, it’s the time to give yourself a time-out. SCREEN TIME it is. This would be enough to keep them busy forever. Ha.

Above all, practice makes perfect. At first, it will look so IMPOSSIBLE to get through. You would think that somehow your brain and your body won’t synchronised, no matter what. But, if you’re just allowing yourself to have a clear vision that today I’m going to feel great about myself and my body, then we will be able to nail this GETTING READY process. Hair & make up is just one way to make you feel good about yourself. There are so many other things that you can do to feel great about yourself; exercise,manicure & pedicure, spa, go out there and build up some networks, etc. Whatever it is, the most important thing is to accepting yourself for who you are. your look. your body-shape. your being. your family. your house. Mommies, you are all beautiful just the way you are.


The Tjungs


Dear all mums, we’re facing the same struggles when it comes to this dirty matter: POTTY TRAINING. Yes! We gotta dig in to that private area again, and get dirty. not that exciting though. I can’t remember how many yuccckkk moments I’ve got through with. But it’s all worth it. Well, today I’m gonna share my happiness with you all. I proudly declare that Mr. J is fully potty trained. Woot…woot… I’m s proud of my baby, and I could tell from his face, that he is also proud of himself. YEEAAHH!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Since early of the year, I was so determined to get J’s into potty training. I heard and saw few of my friends’ kid been doing it for a while even when they’re not even 2yo. In general, as soon as they reached 2yo, they’ll be ready for a potty trained. So, to get him ready, I tried my best to get up every morning, waiting for J to wake up and sit him down on the toilet. I knew it won’t be happening at the first day. But, at least you gotta start somewhere right. And I did. I did it constantly for a week, we’re ended up battling with constant cries and wrestles. So, I tried another way to buy a floor potty and let him sit down there while he’s watching his fave movies. But, he ended holding his wee up to 3 hours, not until I wear him nappy. Next, I’ll try an extreme one. No pants all day, and take him to the toilet every 15mins. He ended up running around the house with no pants and wee anywhere he feels like it. It’s NOT as easy as others say/suggest and as what I read on the blogs or books. Often times, I got frustrated and blaming myself. But, I realised that every kid is different. They’re facing different struggles too, just like us, an adult. They’re facing different season in life too, just like us. But ONE thing for sure, they are growing and learning day by day. Some of them are a quick learner, some of them are not. But they’re all gonna get there. So, I decided to stop comparing my son with the other kids. And start embracing who he is. And that the moment, when I could find myself so easy on me and my son too. AndI think he could feel it too, so he suddenly progressing 200km/hr in just 3 days. I could clearly declare that he is fully potty trained. Ha. I can’t believe it.

Here’s my 5 tips to start a potty trained on toddlers: 

  1. CREATE AWARENESS: Rather than forcing them to sit down on the potty every 15 minutes, run out of voices and energy, I would suggest you to create some awareness of potty trained prior the D-day. Such as, buy a new potty, and tell him that from now on they’re gonna wee and poo here. Set up a special quiet corner for their own potty. Remind him always; all the time; just like your own kids’ nag (never stop and annoying) that’s what you’re gonna do to them too. It’s your time! Ha. “Tell mommy if you wanna do pee or poo” Everytime you changed their nappy, tell them that they’re a big boy now, and ready to move to potty, just like the other big kids.

  2. LIVE BY AN EXAMPLE: DO IT TOGETHER. Go to the bathroom and do the no.1 and 2 together. Even when you don’t feel like it. Just sit there. It will surely give him an extra tons of confident in him to loosen up their bowel. 

  3. PRAISE & REWARDS: Remember to praise them for any achievements they made todate, even what you could see was just a drip of wee. At least there’s something coming out. Everything is about progress. With J, I remembered to always praise him “YOU DID IT” through every never ending toilet runs. Now, everytime he finished, he would say it to himself “I DID IT, then big smile” Praises bring such a positive vibe that would make things possible. Or make potty training such a fun activity. Let them do the magic flush once they finished. Or give them one sticker for one progress they made day by day. 

  4. LET THEM TO TAKE THE LEAD: This is the most important part. Let them take control of the training. Never force them to sit down on the pot. As they feel the more pressure, they’ll hold back even more. I remembered with J, he’s succeed peeing for 2 days, but still struggles when it comes to poo. He simply can’t let it out without the nappy on, one nurse told me that he may feel insecure. Day 1, he would cry his heart out refuse to sit down event hough his tummy aching. Day 2, he sat down on the pot, cried, and when the poo was about to come out, he suddenly ran to me, and made such a mess on the floor. Day 3, he did the poo standing on top of the potty. Day 4, victory’s here; when I was in the bathroom, when noone’s watching, he put down his trunk, sat down on the pot and successfully do the no.2 then he ran to me. Wow! I was so stunned. Proud of my boy. From that day onwards, I let him to tell me when to wee and poo, I let him to choose where (bathroom or living room while watching) to do it. I tried not to force him anymore. 

  5. NO PLAN B: If you wanted to succeed, you gotta give it ALL. So, I decided to stop buying nappies since then, I spet full 3 days training with NO nappy on to J. And I guess, now he’ll get used to with the light weight of his pants, and it made him uncomfortable with even nappy pants. You know, in case, you need to go out to the opened market that has no parents room whatsoever. 

Potty Training is something that we all need to go through as a mom. And it will never been easy. So many things involved including our emotions. Often times I found myself blaming myself for some fail strategies I applied at home. I even thought that J would never be ready for this potty training and I would never be a good coach for him. I often yelled at him when the accidents happened. But I realised, that’s all happened when you started to COMPARE your kid to your neighbours’ kid or to LISTEN to your in laws critiques. Ha. Whatever sounds were there to defeat your faith to your kids, don’t listen to it. You know your kids best! And they so rely on you. It’s a project that could NEVER be done alone. Work together and enjoy the journeys. We can do this. xx


The Tjungs


Ha. Another born day just passed by. And I am officially called myself a TWENTY.SEVEN years old teenager. Yeahhh, just because I kinda feel like a teenager trapped in a lady shaped body. *I wish though* 😉

I am grateful to be able to get through life this far. And what else I could say other than, I AM INDEED ONE BLESSED WOMAN; loving husband, adorable son, wholesome family, beautiful and supportive parents, cozy house, growing ministry, positive circle of friends, been able to travel the world, and the lists go on…I have the privileged to experience life for 27 years, is something really fancy to me. And I wouldn’t take it for granted. Cause simply I know how precious the life and”moments” are. Up to the year 2014, I normally join my birthday celebration together with my dear cousin, because our birthday is just one day apart. 19th and 20th September. But, this tradition had tragically ended 2 years ago, because he died at the age of 24. He’s known as a happy & optimistic guy, he rarely complaints, he live life to the fullest and make the most of it. Never I see him shed a tear. But, who knows?! that life could ended pretty instant. He’s still single and his career was peaking at that time, but our God had another plan for him. Today, I celebrated another life and death. I had a mixed feelings. Not sure whether I should jump in joy or be silent in grieve. Neither of them matter though.

One thing I learned from this event; that life is full of moments, and DO NOT MISS A THING.

If you have a chance to breath a new air this morning, count in your day, make the best out of it. You’ll never know where it will lead you to. God has been speaking to me few days leading to my born day, about other being outside ME. I suddenly cried and had such an unusual passion for OTHERS than myself. Started with J, who’s acting very NOT behave at normal spring days, a friend of friend who just happened to share her struggles to me, then my husband who was down with gastroenteritis exactly on my birthDay (*woot woot* best day ever!! such a timing aye.)  All of those things started to stealing my joy to celebrate my day. I used to be a lil girl who’s uber excited welcoming my birthday. I highly expected to GET SOME SURPRISES, WISHES, AND PRESENTS. But this year, I simply didn’t expect anything. I simply can’t looking at the situations and my surroundings. THAT’S IT!! That is my present from God.

To not expect new things OR anything from the world, but to catch His new expectation of me for the world. What I can do for this hopeless world.

Lil that I know, God is teaching me and highly expect me to ENLARGE MY HEART FOR OTHERS. I got it NOW, yeah now,  just now as I’m writing this blog (*no joking, I didn’t plan to write all about this, God led me) Let me share His words for me on my 27th (emphasized: TWENTY SEVENTH) 

PROVERBS 27: 23-27 (MSG)

Know your sheep by name;
    carefully attend to your flocks;
(Don’t take them for granted;
    possessions don’t last forever, you know.)
And then, when the crops are in
    and the harvest is stored in the barns,
You can knit sweaters from lambs’ wool,
    and sell your goats for a profit;
There will be plenty of milk and meat
    to last your family through the winter.

He gave me this profound word on Proverbs 27:27 – “There will be plenty of milk and meat
    to last your family through the winter.” Hey, we all know that God is in a business of blessing people and lives. But, blessing you with a plenty. PLUS. overflowing left over. IN WINTER / DRY SEASON. FOR ME AND FAMILY. That is something NEW to me. Normally in a dry season, we have a tendency to see no crops or harvests. Survival mode on. The more preparation you did on the previous season, will get you longer to stay during the hunger season. But His promises to me this year: is to provide me and my family with plenty through the winter season. Never will we lack of anything we need at any appointed season of our life. IF ONLY. we did what He instructed 3 verse before: (on vs.23) to know your sheep by name and carefully attend your flocks. Let me tell you, that I am typing fiery right now as He’s speaking to me. I will dedicate my 27th year to celebrate others more than before. to get to know more names of others. to spend more times with others. to dig more stories and testimonies of others. to share my possessions more with others. to extend more unconditional love towards others. As God has loved me. Happy 27th Birthday once again to me.

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetimage1Processed with VSCO with a6 presetimage5Kenny: sling bag-ON SALE NOW (Furla), shirt (instagram:@edeninternational), denim (Zara or similar shop link Target), Wedges (Sportsgirl or similar shop link Style Tread) // Jared: shirt (Armani Jeans Kids), shorts (H&M), Kicks (Platypus)


The Tjungs


Let’s welcome Monday again! with smiles and hi-5. You’d better be good to me. I always wish that I can sleep in on Monday pretending it’s still weekend. Unfortunately, my walking and jumping alarm alerted even earlier and louder than normal days. oh why?! I used to pray, God please be gracious to me on a day such this.

Monday is NOT the day most of us looking forward to, but it is actually the very most important day of the week. Monday is a START. Monday signs a NEW beginning for another coming week. Without Monday, we wouldn’t be able to say TGIF (Thank God For Friday). duhh…so obvious… 🙂 Off to a good start is crucial for our life, cause your start will set the tone for the day. Remember, all those days when we woke up late and forced to shift all the overnight plans. We easily got annoyed with all the little things thrown at us at that very intense times. And NO thing get done properly anyway. I’ve just wasted my 24 hours.

As I realised how important it is to have a good start. I keep telling myself to always create a good day. HOW? simple. AVOID things that will ruin your mood. Here are my version Monday DO’s and DONT’s :


  1. Avoid PJ’s – pick up a good outfit and feel good about yourself
  2. Spend at least 15 mins to just calm your mind and feel it with positive words and encouragements
  3. Do something that makes you happy, sort of a good therapy for yourself. In my case, it would be Window Shopping.


  1. Sleep in
  2. Heavy make up – feel easy on yourself, it’s NOT the end of the world when the neighbours eyeing on your bare face. Sunnies and lip gloss will come easy to rescue.
  3. Don’t rush things, everything’s gonna be alright

Hope it will help you settling down your Monday Madness. Cause it surely does work for me. Motherhood is not an easy job at all, but it is the most developing job I would ever encounter. It taught us A LOT in such A SMALL durations. So, hat off, respect to ALL SUPER MOMS out there. You are amazing and beautiful just the way you are. xx


The Tjungs


Let’s get real today. The whole squad has been sick for the past few days. We’ve been isolated ourself from the sun and social, we felt almost like a vampire. hahaha. no make up. no dress up. no touch up. YES! this called HOME; the place where you can come as you are and be you. And I love my home, my family. So, today I’m gonna share about it; MY DAILY HOME.

Forget about of all the beautiful and organised photos both me and my husband normally posted on the blog or instagram, today we’re gonna talk about the real thing. I mean the CHAOS behind it. THESE ARE OUR DAILY HOME.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Above picture was a normal view I would see almost every day in the house. J was playing around with the toilet rolls while I was cooking or not around. Or when J’s not feeling to do the no.2 and prefer to clean the toilet with this toilet roll. This mess was real and not edited (As you can see it’s a bit blurry). But, hey! let’s get real. For those of you who live with toddlers, this thing wouldn’t be a new thing for you. We’re all on the same page. We are in this together. Especially when living in overseas, we couldn’t afford to hire maid or nanny 24/7, and this kind of unexpected mess is hardly to avoid.

This lil man, running around with his painting body. No NO. I didn’t ask him to paint his own body. He chose to paint on his tummy than paint on the paper. Oh seriously!! I was just trying to keep him busy and stimulate his brain with a fun activities. And I ended up cleaning the balcony and himself. Well, I felt a little bit better after seeing the final result of his first painting.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Not only cleaning the house, I gotta deal with cleaning a mountain load of laundries almost every day, cause J can’t keep his tee + pant clean for longer than 3 hours. Spilled milk or juice, spaghetti stains, chocolate stains. They could go anywhere anytime. So be ready with some spare changes.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Cause if not, this will happen. I gotta lend my laces tank to J, because he just had a poo explosion on the weekend, and mummy forgot to bring any spare changes. So, we ended up having a lil lady to carry for a while. Felt so sorry for the supermarket we went into, the dirt leaked to the trolley and floor. Oooppsss…trust me it was ALL just an accident.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

On top of that, do not forget that a 2 year old toddler is getting more stubborn than ever. Not often we have to deal with tantrums. Screams and cries. It’s getting cray and cray lately, especially when he’s sick like these days. We run out of my energy and patience. Neither ‘time out’ or ‘silent corner’ are really working for him.


Note to that, he’s also learning to do some fake cries. Trying to trick us. It was bad I know, but to be honest, it was so cute. Ha. I guess, this is why I love being a parent. You can laugh over his bad behaviour. You can smile at his silliness.

I mean…You are able to see the beauty out of the chaos.

“all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose” – Romans 8:28

Above verse does NOT say all things are good. Sometimes, bad things come around. But, IT ALL WORK TOGETHER for good. And that’s what I called A BEAUTIFUL CHAOS. “a beauty in disguise” I supposed. Our life’s not filled with ALL the good things, chaos happened. s*** happened. But, yeahhh I’m really thankful for His Spirit that led me to live by faith and not my flesh. My body was crushed. My feelings were unstable. But, I know for sure by the grace of God, I could see the beauty of my chaos daily home. And I would never changed a thing. Instead, thank about all things.

Hope you will able to see some BEAUTIFUL CHAOS of your daily life too. Remember that ALL things (includes the bad ones too) are working together for good. For you, yes yourself, and other surrounds you. Always include yourself in this matter. Cause God is more interested to change you than your situation.


The Tjungs


MONDAY CURRENT SITUATION in thetjungs’ house

“Still in the weekend mode” never applies to my kid. What about yours?! I literally drink more coffee on Monday. Daddy’s off to his longest day at work in a week. J’s pulling off my dress while whinging for anything possible. And ME, huh…shake it off, baby! Walk away, let him cry for a moment (selective hearing mode on), and go get some fresh air. I thought, he gotta learn how to deal with the word NO any time soon, so why not teaching him as early as possible. That 30seconds – 1 minute breathing time is really help you to clear out your mind and refresh your soul. Rather than screaming at him which will make him cry louder, I would come back and ask him gently to stop crying and explaining the reason why I said NO to his request. I know this method won’t work instantly, your toddler will keep doing the same thing 5 mins after the reconciliation, but heyyy…kids learn through repetition of events. Don’t give up. Keep doing what you’re doing, and they will get your whole point one day.

And by the way… J is turning 2 years old in just 2 days, wish me luck for this “terrible two”. Some part of me is very excited to see many new developments and more funny words/statements will come out from his little mouth, but on the other hand, I am terrified to deal with this fiery adventurous little man. He has shown more peak tantrums and being more demanding for the past 3 months, would it be gone worse?! Any tips and tricks how to deal with this tantrums are more than welcome, please comment below. 

And today we’re dressing in WHITE THEME plus we took some twinning pose too. So proud of my J, he’s been really enjoying this modelling thing lately (still along with a box of chocolates and dozen of lollies). He even helped me pressing the camera button. hhmmm… Not sure, which side are you good at son, Daddy or Mommy?! Photographer or Model? hahahahaha…

 Kenny : Sunnies (Urban Outfitters), Jacket (Armani Jeans), A-line Dress (Zara), Sling Bag (Furla), Boots (Aldo)
Jared : White Vest Mesh & Pants (Beau Bella Kids), Denim Shirt (H&M Kids), Shoes (Converse)


The Tjungs


YAAAYYYYYY!! WE MADE IT!! Finally, after a long list of works, editing, preparations, and considerations. Here we are ALIVE & ACTIVE in the blogging zone. I, personally, feel so over the moon and thrilled to share this moment with you guys. Since, this is my very first post (in my life), I would like to introduce you to my crew.

Andri: daddy and photographer.

Kenny: mommy, fashion stylist, and blogger.

Jared: firstborn, entertainer, fire-cracker, and drummer.

Moreover, I would also dedicate this first post as my gratitudes speech. I thank God for His works and His timings over my life. I would never be who I am today without Him. He gave me talents and empower me to inspire people with my gifts.

To my multi-talented hubby; who has been very very very very helpful and supportive from the beginning till today. You are truly a God-sent. Thank you for capturing all these wonderful moments of The Tjungs. Thank you for your continuous love and care for the family. J and I love you so much.Well, enough with him. Somehow, I feel like he’s gonna fly anytime soon. 😉 LOL.

Last but not least, I would also thank all the families and friends who have been complimenting and suggesting us to start our own blog. Guys!!! We did it!!! HA. Thanks for your faith in us. We love you tons!

Let the journey begin! Come on board with The Tjungs. We do hope you enjoy our daily stroll.


The Tjungs