Family and Fashion; two things that are very closed to my heart. So, when Kobi & Roo reached out to me for their first ever collaboration with the entire family, I was so thrilled!  AND…I can not say NO. So here we are representing this urban apparel brand for modern family originally from UK.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

And I am believer of a small beginning. Everything starts with a seed. And when you water them regularly, it WILL definitely grow.

Nothing was born BIG. But all things was born TO BE BIG.

Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin,…” – Zachariah 4:10

Big shouts to all the small shops across the world, I am proud of all of your boldness and courage. Including my dearest friend, Kobi & Roo. It is a small shop with a big potential. Run by a multitasking mom of two, Ezi. (love you girllll. X)

And today I had a chance to interview her further about her childhood dream and how this small shop has changed her life and her community. SO, here we go!!

1. Firstly…I must know what made you choose the name Kobi&Roo? 
Kobi & Roo was inspired by my two kids Nigerian middle names. My son is Kobimdi (Kobi) and my daughter is Chierika (Roo) They both inspired the brand.
2. What inspired you to get into business and start your own clothing label? 
I have always dreamt of owning my own fashion business from a young age. I finally took the bold step to set up my own modern clothing label during my maternity leave with my second child. I feel great ideas come during maternity leave (haha!) I was inspired by my kids. I love shopping for them but hate the stress of going to the shops and shuffling through piles of clothes. I am more of an online shopper, so i knew a lot of other moms are like me and want modern, unisex clothes for their kids and would prefer to buy it online. I also like the excitement i get from knowing that the postman would bring me a surprise soon and i know many people would too. 
3. Why do you go for small business? What impact does it make to your life?
Small business is very important to me. I feel It is where we all start from. Start small grow big. I believe small business is a learning process, a way to make an impact to your family, community, and the world in general. I like the fact that small businesses support each other and many more people are supporting small businesses. Gone are the days of competition, we now live in a world where collaboration is king.
4. I know for myself that I struggle to find work life balance and I feel as though I am always working, How do you manage the two? 
It is still a struggle as 24 hours just doesn’t seem to be enough. We as mums are blessed to be multitaskers. we try our best to wing it all. I do have my moments with balancing work and life, but the good thing about being a mom and having an online business is that you can work at your own schedule. No deadlines and no pressure. I try to balance my life by doing the most important things first, which is nurturing my family before i get down to business. 
5. I know for myself too that running small business is a tough gig, with limited time and resources we have, how you overcome those and stay motivated? 
I stay motivated by trusting God to see me through. I always put God first in my life as he is the giver of all good things. I also try to stay motivated by keeping to schedule. Like if i need to update my social media or create a new product for my store. Sometimes when you feel really exhausted, its best to give yourself a break and the motivation will be back if you are passionate about what you are doing.
6. Lastly, what do you think about the community’s response to small businesses today? What changes do its make to the community? 
I’m so impressed with the way people support small businesses. I tell you, social media is a gold mine filled with lots of talented and creative small businesses making an impact in their community. Being a small business owner, i have met some amazing small business owners and we encourage one another through regular small business Saturday shout outs, charity and fund raising activities, and regular raffle draws. its a small business revolution.


Today, Kobi & Roo is running its 2nd brand enthusiast search for kids and has been featured on some local page. Way to go girl!!


So, what are the small things you have in your hand today? Are you willing to take a big step unto them?

It’s not gonna be easy, but we are here walking this journey together and cheering on you. Oh..and any favourite small shops you would recommend? Please leave them coming on the comments below.






Hello there! September is here and it means SPRING is here. My favourite season of the year. I know you guys do too. It’s NOT too cold yet the heat is still bearable. And yes! cardigans are always the best way to survive the day. On top of that, it is also a great piece to give you more oomph to your daily outfit. Here is  J showing us, how to dress them like no other.

  1. WEAR IT and own it. Get a fedora to give extra hipster look to your kid. oh yeaaahh!!Processed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with a6 preset

  2. WING IT : this style fit for more semi-formal and dressy events. Cardigans could be a great accessories to finish your smart casual look.Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

    Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

WRAP IT : on your hip and get your skateboard out. But unfortunately, he’s NOT ready for it yet. ha. you wish. He can’t even balance himself on a scooter.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Hahaha. Pardon his dirty pants, you know toddlers will be toddlers. They sit down literally ANY-where ANY-time. Oh gawd. Ha. As I took his shots, I could imagine my laundry basket at home. Well, just remember they learn through dirts and s***. 😉

Good night friends. See you on the next post. xx


The Tjungs

@thejuniorstyle: SPLISH SPLASH KIND OF DAY

Today we had such a great family outing to the Aquatic Centre. It’s been raining and windy for the past days, so we decided to take J to do some indoor activities. Swimming it is. J loves water, like very much. Every now and then, literally every day, he still cries hard every time I took him off the shower. So, I do not think a locked dark bathroom time-out will work for him, cause the lights’ switch is within his reach, so does the shower handle. I need to find some other effective ways to discipline him in the long run though.

So today, we thought we’re gonna take him to the NEXT GEN Aquatic Centre. They provided indoor and outdoor 25m heated pools which always available for lap swimming and recreational use and are ideal for an invigorating swim or to relax. Surely the best way to spend time a quality time together as a family. It is FUN, REFRESHING and HEALTHY.

Processed with VSCO with a7 presetProcessed with VSCO with a7 presetSwimwear (top & bottom) – Country Road

Processed with VSCO with a7 presetProcessed with VSCO with a7 presetProcessed with VSCO with a7 preset

J surely loved it. He jumped in the water, and run through the water tunnel. He’s fascinated by the current pool.

But still, his favourite thing to do is the SLIDES. He slid down like a pro. First trial with Daddy, the second and so on, he preferred to do it by himself. Brave boy. Great experience so far. Will come back next week with our new gears. Next time, mommy will jump into the water too. Then, I think I need a go-pro. 😉 Don’t you think ?!




The Tjungs


Does anyone of you have kids? Does anyone of you shop NEW outfits every quarter of the year for your kiddo?  Does anyone of you throwing a lot of outgrown kids’ clothes to charity? I confessed that ever since I have baby, I spent more on the little guy than myself. Most of my shopping budget goes to him. Ha. I guess, that’s very normal right. It is one of our love language. That’s part of a mom’s instinct, wanting to give every best for their precious kids. But, let’s BE WISE in our spending too. Neither too much nor too less is good. SO here’s my tip for you to re-use your kids’ summer shorts during winter.

  1. LAYER SHORTS WITH ANY LEGGINGS/STOCKINGS : it applies to both boys and girls. Or if you have any favorite jumper, wear it under the shorts too. Just as Jared rocking his piece below. Processed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with a6 preset
    Bomber Jacket (Rock Your Baby), Black Jumper (Bobby G Babywear), Army Shorts (@recollectionshop)


  2. DISTRESSED THE SHORTS : to give a new look to the shorts, distinct it to last season. You may do it by yourself or an alterationist will do. IMG_5906Legging (UNIQLO)

Happy trying! And hope you’ll inspire by this super easy styling. Zero Cost. Zero Waste. Excellent Result.



The Tjungs

@thejuniorstyle: Pom Pom Hat

Hello there, happy weekend! We just had such a lovely day accompanied by a beautiful weather here in Sydney. Hope you’re also having a great time with your beloved ones.

Well, I realised it’s been a while I haven’t post anything on the subject @thejuniorstyle. I created this topic specifically for J’s fashion style int he first place, which turned out to be a small Brand Repping business for us. You may find a lot of inspiration for your kids’ daily outfit plus the shop details (most of them are small shops you may find in instagram). I can’t promise you to post various outfit as many as I would post on IG of course. But, at least, I will post one of them every week. So, if you want to find out more, please do follow @thejuniorstyle on instagram.


As of today, I’m gonna share one of J’s current trendy hat. Pom Pom Hat. It may sounds and looks so GIRLY, but it isn’t made FOR GIRLS only.

Look at J’s rocking his pom pom hat by Dieu Est Bon

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with a6 preset

Pompom Hat (Dieu Est Bon), Bomber Jacket (Target Aus), Chaos Tee (Modern Kid Shop), X Pants (Little XO Kings)

And THAT SMILES…such a big compliment to the picture. 🙂 Pom Pom Hat gives a lil soft touch to the street style. It will give a bit of tweak to the street style, without taken off any the rad-ness side of his look. Anyone Agree??? And here’s J enjoying his snack like a boss. He jumped on the back of the truck as soon as he saw a big bucket of apples on it, picked one, got so excited, took a big bite, and offered others some. nice you are, J. Love you!!

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with a6 preset

Take a look closer to this Pom Pom Hat Perfect accessories for the season too. And not to forget, that it is UNISEX too. Hope it will give you for some #ootd ideas for your kids or even for yourself. Cause indeed I will get mine soon, I might steal it from J’s closet. Ha. #badmummy #causemummycandoanything

Good night. xx


The Tjungs

@thejuniorstyle: WINTER LAYERING

Happy Thursday!! Mid week and it looks great so far. It is getting colder and colder right here, and I guess it is the time for me to post some new fashion inspiration for your little ones.

Winter can be boring sometimes cause you might use the same coat or jacket for a week straight. Can’t be bother to buy too many thick and heavy outer anyway. Especially for your little ones, it is so not worth it, they will outgrow anytime soon. But, hey! Winter can’t be boring! It should be as fun as summer. Put more layers on your little ones. Let’s do some layering: summer, spring/fall and winter outfits. I love layers cause it can easily be adjusted depends on the changing weather throughout the day. I guess that’s the whole point you’re wearing layer, right?! One more good thing about layers, it can be applied anywhere and any season. 😉

Well, here are some inspirations for your minis.

Processed with VSCO with a7 preset

Leather Jacket (Little Kandy Kids), Denim Shirt (H&M), Young Loud & Fearless Tee (Kidult & Co)

Processed with VSCO with a7 preset

Blazer (H&M), Cardigan (Zara), Shirt (Target), Trackies (Beau Bella Kids)


The Tjungs

@thejuniorstyle: ROYAL TWO BIRTHDAY


HAPPY 2nd ROYAL BIRTHDAY dear my lil J. We love you so much, much more than what you can think of. We let you to be a KING for the day, and wish you had your best time as the “ruler”(just like your name meaning; Jared = ruler) of the house for a day. It’s a training ground for your future leadership, so take this opportunity seriously, son. Ha.

We surprised J with a tiny celebration in the morning, with giant baloons and choc mud cake + candles. And his face was a total priceless, I can’t even described it. We sang a happy birthday song and blew candles. Next, was breakfast time, guess what ddi we have for brekkie? YEAHHHH…choc mud cake + ice cream. BEST THING EVER!! for a toddler like J. WORST THING EVER! for an oldie like mum and dad whom in need for some exercises and detox. Then, let’s take some family photos with the birthday boy!!


Next, we went out for lunch at The Incinerator ; A Modern European menu in a 1930s building with a vaulted ceiling, designed by Walter Burley Griffin. What a nice opened area to spend a quality time with family. And love the food too. I recommended the chicken salad with quinoa, spinach, baked pumpkin, pine nuts and goat cheese for you who is trying to eat clean but still can’t resist not to have some meat on your meal. Just like me. hahahahaha. 😉 And daddy had to stick with wagyu sandwich; he’s not that adventurous with food, but I didn’t blame him though. Again, we let J chose his lunch, he went with fish and chips + ketchup. J woke up pretty late this morning, so he got a lot of spare energy to burn after lunch, so we decided to take some #ootd pictures of him. And here are they…

This outfit was a winner to me. Swag-ness overload. Little Kid. Big Style. YES! That’s our boy.

Next, we headed out to Luna Park because J was nagging to ride a horse. So, we went to Luna Park, located at Milsons Point, on the northern shore of Sydney Harbour in order to fulfil his wish. BUT, as soon as we arrived, we realised that today was Thursday, and Luna Park was closed for operation.

They opens Fri-Sun ONLY on school terms. We’re so sad… 😦 especially J, he saw through the merry-go-round behind the curtains, but he couldn’t get in. It was like, seeing your dreams within the reach, but you simply can’t have a taste of it. It’s devastating. And as 2 year old, I guess it would be harder for him to handle than us, adults. So, to paid it off, we bought him a giant lollies which so pricy ($11.95 each) which bigger than his face size. Trust me, it’s prob the biggest and heaviest lollies I’ve ever seen.

As a note: I AM OBSESSED with his hair cut by Mr. Cuts Top Ryde. Seriously on point. Thanks to Isaac as the stylist. We definitely will be back for another cut in the next few months.

Then we spent the rest of our afternoon to check out some art gallery in the city, Museum Contemporary Art, just to give J a bit of taste of art and design, and wish that he would love it as much as the parents do. We tried that hard though. And to our surprise, he seemed quite enjoy the trip, he didn’t scream or run around. He paid attention to most of the handworks. I guess, we brought him to the right place. >< We would recommended you to visit MCA one day, free admission, great artworks and concepts. It won’t disappoint you.


We finished the day with a city stroll, as usual. And loving every time we gotta spend as a family.

Special thanks to Daddy, who’s taking off a day off specially to celebrate J’s birthday together, took us to some magical places and captured a lot of precious moments of our beloved grown son. Last word, HAPPY BIRTHDAY JARED. As your parents, we will always be there for you to guide you to your destiny and calling that God has placed in your heart. And remember, You don’t have to be the best at everything, just find your one thing, and do it best! WE LOVE YOU SON!



The Tjungs



@thejuniorstyle: MINI STREET STYLE

Hey there, for those of you who hasn’t had an idea about what J’s doing for his living (yeah, better to teach him early than late, right?! J) He’s in business of Brand Repping.

  • What is Brand Representative? Simple, someone who represents a brand on Instagram.
  • And how does it work? A brand or store will choose a child based on the style of photography and the look they want to promote, so basically the decision depends on your Instagram feed and level of activity. It’s a lot like casting to be a model but it’s all done online and often it’s mum or dad taking the photos. The chosen representative will receive free clothing in return for advertising in the form of quality photographs that are posted on Instagram.

Free clothes for free exposure and advertising sounds great?! But, it is not an easy task at all; working with toddler is a real BIG task. The #cuttingroomfloor was mostly filled with mess and chaos. There are times when the mini model is in the mood of posing and all, there are times when bribery is no longer working and you ended up with sweats and blurry photos.But, let us not forget to keep CHERISH every moments with your precious minis, cause they are truly the greatest gift you could ever ask. They smiles worked like magic. And I decided to feature J’s fashion and style on this blog too, cause simply, I don’t want to bombard my Instagram followers with thousands of some details photos. But here, I can and I will. I had too many good photos of him and don’t want to let it stay in my hard drive without sharing it. And of course, we love shop smalls and would like to support them as much as we can. Whatever I post here, I will put a direct link for the shops, so you can get some cool stuffs for your minis. And don’t forget to follow J’s ig @thejuniorstyle for some kids fashion inspirations.

And here’s the first collections of @thejuniorstyle STREET STYLE featuring Beau Bella Kids

White Vest & Pants (Beau Bella Kids), Kicks (Converse)


Cross Snapback (Two Little Souls), Romper (Beau Bella Kids), Boots (Docs Martens)   


Beanie (H&M), Long bomber jacket (Beau Bella Kids), Black Romper (BobbyG Babywear)

Oh really, this newest collections of Beau Bella Kids are too good to be true. Its all on the details. Every details make every piece so stylish and original. Not to forget about the quality, they are unbelievable, worth every penny. I can’t decide which is my favourite look. Feel free to vote then maybe I could give you a voucher to get his whole look. 😉

Bye for now! See you on the next blog of @thejuniorstyle. xx


The Tjungs