Are you looking for a one stop leisure place for everyone; what I mean is – parents / grandparents, mum groups, daddys day care, kids, and babies?

JUNGLE BUDDIES is the answer to all your need – play. party. cafe.

It is the next play destination for every family on rainy days, hot days, or any days in between. Jungle Buddies are the perfect destination for all.

It is a large scale indoor play centre & birthday party venue suitable for 0 – 12 years old. It cater healthy foods & drinks in-house with a chef. Onsite parking and free wi-fi. It is one stop designated for the whole families and all occasions.

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With a huge 2 stories L-shaped play ground, party rooms, and in house cafe, Jungle Buddies is surely one play destination that will caught many eyes. From catching ups, playdates, casual meetings, to birthday parties or private event, Jungle Buddies got them covered. While you’re enjoying your me time – let your kids freed their adventurous spirit around the centre.

Besides play ground, Jungle Buddies also provide some kids activities in the house, art & craft every Tuesday & Wednesday 11am. 

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When choosing a play destination, one important thing I consider is how close it is with a cafe or restaurant. Because you know, kids will always demand you an unexpected request ever. So, a place close to cafe is always the best option for me. Jungle Buddies is not only close to a cafe, yet it has its own cafe with an in-house chef and seasonal designated menu. It is healthy and yummy too. Good price too. Look at the size below, it is massive for mommy and a toddler, isn’t it?


Play is an important part of a child’s development. Playing can be fun and adventurous, particularly when there are playmates. However, many Australian children are less active than they should be. A safe play areas for children – separate play areas for different ages is very recommended, especially for a mom like me who has a 5 months old baby. It wouldn’t be comfortable for me to have a careless children jumping and climbing around Asher.

Jungle Buddies has some play areas for different ages;

  • soft area (0-2)
  • 2 stories L – shaped playground (> 2)

Also the place are so clean and tidy. The centre is regularly cleaned every afternoon and every staff is very kind and attentive to every customer.


As a mom of two energetic boys, never in the past 4 years I get to see a tidy corner in the house for more than 1 hour. I honestly can not stay at home the entire day with the boys – if that happen either (1) the boys will get crazy of boredomness or (2) mommy will loose her sanity. In conclusion, I go out to avoid the boys mission to destroy the house. 😦 just another confession of one tired mama. Or perhaps anyone agree of how stressful it is planning and organising kid’s birthday party. haaa…many things to do with little time available.

Bottom line, having and raising kids are hard work and stressful. Here, Jungle Buddies cater a hands free service for every family in Sydney. Joining jungle buddies has totally make such a big difference in our family.

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I am so happy with our experience with Jungle Buddies and it’s been a part of our family starting this year. This time, I would like to share this amazing experience with one of lucky family. Cause you know, sharing is caring, right?! So, here’s how:



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Well…at last let me wish you all the best luck. X






Alright, today I am going to do my first ever product review. But, before we get into the business. Please be aware that MOTHER’S DAY is coming. So, here I am running a MOTHER’S DAY GIVEAWAY for one lucky mama. One stylish denim diaper bag sponsored by Eco by Naty. NOT only that, it includes an eco-friendly diapers, baby wipes, and nappy rash cream. Check out HOW TO ENTER details down at the end below. So, make sure you read this blog through.

Eco by Naty has been known for its innovative ecological baby range for more than a decade. Their vision is simple; to create the most eco products for babies and busy mothers, while remaining open and transparent about our certification and product contents.

And I am stoked when they reached out to me for a collaboration. And the first thing they do was sending me a trial box. You know it! Instantly, its owned my trust. It showed me that this brand is savvy and truthful to its quality and vision. I fell in love ever since, and proudly to be its one of ambassador.

So, today I am going to do some product review on some of Eco by Naty products; including their new and improved diaper bag design. So, let’s get into it, shall we?

Diaper bag

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FIRST WORD when I saw this diaper bag // Is that a diaper bag? (literally word by word). It is super stylish, made of 100% organic cotton. I love the fact that it’s so practical for a modern and busy mother who always struggles with organisation. Easy access flap to open and close the bag. This diaper bag has several labelled pockets (see video below), which will fit most of mama essentials (wallet, phone, sunnies) and baby needs (diapers, wipes, bottles, utensils, bib, change mat, etc).

Carry this bag two ways; on the pram OR tote them. It looks so stylish in both ways no matter what. This bag allows me to travel light with 2 kids (newborn and toddler) and left my two hands free for the boys. It is the game changer for our out and about experience. I highly recommended this diaper bag for all moms who are always on their toes chasing the little monsters.

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This bag comes with eco favourite baby products; eco diapers, eco sensitive wipes, eco rash cream. I will review each item on details below.

Disposable Diapers

Babies, they are so pure, gentle, and delicate. With the history of Jared’s eczema since birth, baby’s skin always get my attention more than any other part of the bodies. Therefore, I am quite selective in choosing the baby products for my children.

Eco diapers are cornstatch – based, not plastic. It is so soft and breathable. It is safe and non-allergic. Asher has been using eco diaper since the day he’s born with no diaper rash till today. Well, nothing worse than irritated skin, right? Eco diapers absorbency level is quite outstanding. In the normal day time, Asher (4 weeks old) uses 4-5 diapers a day without any leaking. This gives Asher more comfort during his sleep. Last but not least, it also has a cool minimalist design and stretched tape.

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetShop here

Sensitive Wipes

Jared has a sensitive skin and eczema. Some wet wipes can cause redness around his face, especially mouth area. So, I rarely use wet wipes on his face, I would rather go to washroom to clean his face and mouth. But, I hate the time I have to leave my sit in the middle lunch to find the nearest washroom.

Then, I received eco by naty wet wipes inside the diaper bag, and get extra excited to find out eco wipes are 98.5% pure water. No toxic. No chemicals. No parabean. I gave it a try on Jared’s skin and I see no redness since then. It is gentle on Jared’s skin and definitely save me from washroom run.

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetShop here

Rash Cream

If you see the some redness on your babies’ bottom, do not panicking. It is nappy rash. Baby nappy rash is common, but your baby does not have to suffer the pain. You should put it into concern when it is sore and your baby become unsettle or keep crying relentlessly.

Eco nappy rash cream is a good and eco-friendly alternative not only for babies, it is made for your toddler’s skin too. And I like the texture of eco rash cream, it is not watery, it is thick more like an ointment. It gives full layer on the skin. It also absorbs quicker onto the skin with no white marks on the bum. This rash cream works well together with the diaper.


If you’re looking for an eco-friendly baby products or sensitive skin friendly baby ranges. You may wanted to give these products a chance. No nasty chemicals involved, it is safely tested for your little ones.

Lastly, I had made a debut come back to the park visit; after being confined inside the house for full 30 days after giving birth. It feels so good to finally breathing the fresh air. Here I show you my casual post-partum style and new hair style for breastfeeding mommy. Hope you like it as much as we do. X

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Thank you Eco by Naty to sponsor this blog post and giveaway. We are a proud Ambassador of healthy planet with sustainable solutions. 

Don’t forget to stop by @mamaonrepeat for some modern motherhood beauty in chaos, inspo, and giggles.





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Due to my third – trisemester pregnancy, I and hubby decided to stay in Sydney, Australia this time around. As per usual, we would most likely be in our hometown, Jakarta – Indonesia, spending Christmas and New Year with our big families.

Honestly, after we made this decision, I slightly feel disappointed for not being able to spend the holiday seasons with our extended family. You know when you see all the family gatherings via social media, then FOMO” hits. That’s what I felt at the beginning of our holidays. I wasn’t in the mood for few days, I acted cold to my hubby and Jared, even when they did nothing wrong to me. It was JUST ME and MY HORMONES. Ha. #pregnancyproblem

Then, I realised, it’s going nowhere. I am tangled. What did I do?! I just created a problem that should not be a problem at all. If you can’t change the situation, change your perspective. SO I DID. I started to plan out a daily activities calendar with my boys; from swimming, soccer, art class, beach day out, to road trip.

And the day finally came…Yesterday we had a chance to drove 2 hours away from CBD to the Hunter Region of NSW, Hunter Valley. It was overall a relaxing trip despite of the cloudy and rainy weather. We had such a sensational brunch followed by a nice cuppa of chocolate in the midst of winery. And as we drove down back home, we passed by a house farm owned by such a kind family who allowed us to feed their horse and took many pictures on their yard. What an experience for each one of us, especially Jared that he’s gotta see the real horses closely and fed them. (Unfortunately, none of us were even care about taking photos, we were too excited to pat & play with the livestocks).

After all, summer holiday in Ausy wasn’t a bad option at all. I do feel HOME.

Home is not where you are, it is who you are with.

3 more days till Daddy’s back at work. So, I’d better step up my planning game. Stay tuned for more road trip post from our squad. Bye for now. Good night.

Hope you all had such a relaxing time with families. Stay safe friends. X




KENNY – Floral Dress: Dotti (SOLD OUT), Sunnies: Mink Pink, Suede Boots : Zara (SOLD OUT) //
ANDRI – Denim Shirt: General Pants (SOLD OUT), White Tee: Mango, Tanned Chinos: Topman, Glasses: Bailey Nelson // 
JARED – Polo Shirt: Cotton On Kids (on promo 2 for $25), Shorts: H&M Kids (SOLD OUT), Shoes: Adidas


A “Sunday” on weekdays? I’LL TAKE IT. Here I dumped some of the photos taken during our family day out on Anzac Day. Well, since most of the brunch cafes and shopping mall were closed for operations, we decided to take J’s out to amusement park. And we chose Luna Park, the most iconic amusement park in Sydney, New South Wales. I will be honest, most of the rides were pretty old-school but mannnn…location wise, Luna Park is just one of the most beautiful spot I would go back for 52 times in a year with same level of excitement. Located on the northern shore of Sydney Harbour, there are simply many things you can explore around the area. I would say, I am quite lucky to live here today. I AM BLESSED.

Well, it is an opened air amusement park, so, raining is its biggest enemy. Unfortunately, that was exactly what happened during our visit. The first half day was wonderful then few hours later after midday, the rain hit. We, as a parent, were sad for a probability that our kid wouldn’t be able to enjoy his free time at the park. But, it turned out the other way around, J was really calm and collective at those present moment, he embraced the rain and told us word by word “Jared helps mommy to hold the umbrella”, and my heart melted. That was exactly my mood booster for the day. AGAIN. I was reminded, there’s always one beauty out of your messy wet soaking day. Well, on my case, it’s more than one though. J enjoyed his time with some Smurfs fellas and we (daddy & mommy) enjoyed some (non) extreme rides too. We finished the day off by taking some killer shots on the harbour. And here I am dumping some of previous photos taken by my talented husband. Ps: he is a legend. He carried 2 bags (nappy & camera bag), held the umbrella, while taking pictures of two of us under the rain. I can’t imagine life without him. He never complains and he make things happen. He even said to me that “part of my vow was to take countless photos of you”.



Kenny : hat (Miniso Japan), eyewear (Duma Official), oversized denim (Pull&Bear), tribal top (@bevnoir), white pants (Zara), oxford (Gardenia Copenhagen), triangle clutch (@asamula_bali) // Jared : hat & monster tee (cotton on kids), leather jacket (eve.jnr), denim (@izzybizzyshop), timberland kids





Today, I decided to post our new street smart. These photos taken on Opera House in Guangzhou. Yeah, sounds like in Sydney, but we were NOT. Thanks to our personal tour leader, my own younger brother who took us out in between lunch and our train departure time to HKG. This place indeed one of the coolest amusement in Guangzhou city which showcases an avant-garde architecture by Zaha Hadid’s, opened in 2010.

Taking picture some of our street smart look around the place was kinda cool, every corner is unique and bold. Travelling without mini J / business trip has never been this fun. Especially when we have a companion who is good at taking pictures too, my brother. lucky to have you. I love you even more!! I’m being honest though. So, here are some of our best looks. What do you think?


gz_3gz_2gz_1Kenny: oversized glasses (Gucci), denim top (@amouretlabel coming up soon), white denim (Cotton On), boots (Aldo), sling studded bag (Decjuba) // Andri: Khaki Outerwear (Japan boutique), Black long tee & tanned oxford shoes (H&M, Pants (Aquilla)

Last but not least, let’s have some more preview on the building and architectures of this place. (don’t bother us because we looked so small on the picture) ;)))


That’s a wrap! See you again GZ, we’ve found your sweet hidden spot here. And you are beautiful. See you again soon for another business trip for sure.


The Tjungs


First of all, let me say Merry Christmas 2016 & Happy New Year 2017 to all of you. Hope this festive season and this year brings you more blessings and goodness to your life. We’ve been away for a long due vacation / annual honeymoon / family visitation to some different countries for the past 5 weeks. But, we spent most of our time in Indonesia. And today! I’m back with my blogging thing. Yippie! It’s been a while. Due to some internet connections problem during travelling, I decided to left my laptop back home and took a time-off from work. And it’s good to have a break from social media and all. I had a fun quality time with our beloved back home.

But today! I’m back with my thing. BLOGGING. I’m ready to share some snippets & stories of our previous trip. And first up:  BALI. Bali is known as the island of the gods.From magnificent mountains to rugged coastlines to volcanic hillsides to black sandy beaches. Its simply breath-taking. And Bali had such a special place in our heart because it was our first honeymoon destination. We spent 5 days 4 nights there and I and Andri decided to take a half day date, leaving Jared with my mom at the hotel. Can you guess what we did for our date in Bali? YES! we did photo hunting. These pictures were taken on the private beach on Nusa Dua Beach & Hotel at Nusa Dua. Oh ya..and my new hairstyle for last Christmas too, BANGS ON. Yay or Nay?

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Kenny: Top and Dress (Zara) // Andri: Top (Uniqlo) // Pictures taken with Fuji XT 1 lense 23mm

Gah. I always have a major crush on this man behind the camera. He worked so hard to get some stunning shots like above. I didn’t lie, he did some serious workout to be able to get these shots. Especially, when we realised that we just finished the first leg of shooting with no memory card. He left his memory card on his laptop after transferring some photos. Lucky, I’ve brought my camera with a memory card plugged in. Here we go again for the second leg of shooting. And we were both happy with most of the results.

See you on our next story of another days and countries. Good night. xx





The Tjungs


HELLO again from my side! I’m really hoping you had such a great days up to the mid-week like today. SO, today I AM going to share about our stroll yesterday on Andri’s day off. Yeah, lucky we could have hand out together as a family on weekdays, considering all the public places will be super jam packed during the weekend. And, isn’t it the best time to visit the latest amusement places or some cool hidden backyards. I bet ya!!

Here goes the story, J was kinda into trains lately. He started to call ALL trains “Thomas” despite of their colors, shapes, numbers on it. He will still call ALL train “Thomas” (green thomas, red thomas, yellow thomas, black thomas) in his mind, any trains named Thomas that could change color anytime anywhere. Gah. kids, you’re way too funny. And, we found out there’s some new hits places called Harold Park Tremsheds not far from the metro city area. They located just right behind Glebe, and called their hub (Glebe’s hidden backyard). that’s so cool, right! what a hidden gem. And it is called themselves, they really present them well as Sydney’s most dynamic food destination; combining the history, architecture, and community in one place. And as you enter the gate, you’ll see a big green locomotive, which was a part of one of the restaurant named Butcher and The Farmer. J’s eyes ON THEM. Hop on and stay there forever. Refused to get put from the train. Well, I’m glad that he’s having some fun there, running back and forth around the train, up down the stairs. At least he’s not watching his Ipad. Again. While mummy and daddy had their quality time over cuppa coffee and choc danish. 😉

This place so massive and spacious, I was thinking to held J’s next 3 birthday party on the train. with a theme of Thomas and friends or Dinosaur train, or just a normal train. Well, what do you think? We’ll see what’s gonna happen on 2017.

Thank God for summer, which means the sun stays up longer. And we still had plenty of time to catch the sunset. Right after J woke up from his nap, we arrived at the Concord & Ryde Sailing Club. And guess what?! Perfect timing to witness the sunset. And Andri, was so ready with his gear. He had such a talent. He got the eyes. to be photographer. And I am so thankful that he is mine. Free photos every day. HAHHAHAAHAH. So here are some of the results of our “catching the sunset” game.khakitue3khakitue30khakitue12khakitue13khakitue31khakitue32khakitue20khakitue18

It was pretty much a FULL DAY OF LOVE. Looking forward to spend more and more time with my boys. When, I count my blessings, I count them thousands. Yes! today is al about love, and to sum up our day, I wouldn’t mind to finish off the day with a kiss. I love him so much, my other half. I’ll see you on the next post. xx



The Tjungs


This video doesn’t exist

Hey, we had too much fun for the past few days during the long weekend, and had quite enough fantastic photos to upload too. So, here I am sharing our strolls again.

We had some church gathering yesterday with some our youth leaders, it was such an awesome rest and refreshed moments for everyone of us. Went a bit down to the south cost, blended in with the nature, enjoyed the beautiful scenery of Royal National Park NSW. With no reception around, we’re glad that we could have such a quality bonding time together as a FAMILY; more than just a TEAM I mean.

OK! First stop was Garie Beach. Swimming, sun-tanning, or picnic-ing. Do not choose one of any. You may do it ALL at one time. Ha. what a glorious day.rnp2rnp1rnp3

And this cheeky monkey, always stole the attentions of many. Look at his pineapple tee and his glasses, he asked me for it and getting ready to sing the new hits “pen-pineapple-apple-pen” song. hahahahahaha.

Next, we drove further down to the lake nearby Reids Flat Picnic Area. And let’s do a mandatory shot with the crew. What a place to relax and chill. We will sure do come back for another one or more run.rnp9rnp10rnp11rnp8

Thanks team for such a great and fun day out! Time to say goodbye. And we did. We went home on different ways, but HOME is NOT our destination. hahahaha. Here we go, the random couples; we do random things. Instead of HOME, we’re heading straight to the northern beaches; Palm Beach it was. Glad, that we arrived there at the right time. Golden Hour. yesss!! hip hip hurray!! Andri was jumped in joy, preparing his gear and forced me to be his object despite of the crazy wind, while J’s enjoying his late afternoon snacks in the car. (I can’t even let my hand off the hat though, it almost slipped and carried by the wind). Turned out, we got the best shot of the day. yeaahhhh…rnp14rnp13rnp12

Well, that was the end of our journey. We love every second we spent together as a squad. We share the same interests AND play different parts to create such a memorable moments. All the random things we did were actually the thing that I treasured it the most these days. I am tremendously HAPPY and couldn’t ask for a better squad that I have today. I would end our story by saying

“you are live to enjoy every moments, not to create a perfect moment”

If you’re still alive today, do not let this moment passed by. There’s NO such thing as a perfect moment, those collections of moments are the perfect thing for your heart to treasure. xx


The Tjungs


Finally, J’s fell asleep already and I have some ME time to write again. It’s been a long day for me and hubby cause J’s acting really like a drama king lately. He’s NOT behaving most of the times. And just went to bed about half an hour ago. WHAT A DAY! but anyway, he’s down, and I have a chance to update our new stroll story.

Still on the birthday week. Still rejoicing the new age. Still in the mode of celebration. This afternoon, we visited a new hits brunch place, Henry Lee’s Redfern; a concept cafe kitchen + collaborative space. First impressions, opened kitchen ticked, cool opened space with a massive wall deco, love natural lights, helpful staffs. We ordered Ham In Glove, The Higgs Bacon Blues Burger and sweet potato fries on the side, fresh orang juices to calm the heat of the sun.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

The taste though was less than what we expected from the reviews of most of our friends. But, in term of the price and sizes, they’re still in the standard range. Gutted that we didn’t had chance to try their coffees though.J’s was nagging for some “slides riding” – anyone with kids, you MUST know how it sounded. Constant noise that I just wanted to switch off, but I kinda lost that button. Ggggrrrrrrrr….gggrrrrrrr….God taught me how to be more patient day by day, ONLY BY YOUR GRACE. Amen!! So, we gotta go quick. Got into the car and searched for any available parks nearby.

We finally, went to Newtown, stopped by for two nice cuppas at Campos Newtown. The strolls continued, and while J’s having fun running and playing, the parents just gotta do what they have to do and like to do right…We took some #ootd pictures. Here are some of those..

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Today, I wore my new split front skirt (PS: excuse my muffin top) But I gotta be honest with you, that as a mum we’re kinda ashamed of it. And we covered it all tightly the whole time ever since gave birth. I guess it’s the time for us to be happy with our own body knowing that its (mum’s tummy) was the place a new life knitted and created. So, embrace it. Feel good about your own body, you have the rights to dress your body the way you wanted.

Well, back to the business; split front skirt – new in trend for this season. Perfect for an active mums who always on the run (not beacuse I’m busy with unending to do lists, but simply because I raise a busy kid) Once in a while you just wanted to wear something more feminine than jeans or tarckies, right? So, here’s a good option for you. Pair it with basic tee and jacket (in case the temperature dropped, Melbournians you know what I’m talking about aye) And always, sneakers for “chasing game”.split

And braids to add a lil bit street style to your look won’t hurt. 🙂

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

And LOVE LOVE LOVE the details of this basic tee by Finders Keepers. Seriously. Who doesn’t? ><

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with a6 presetTee (Finders Keepers via The Birdcage Boutique), Split Frint Skirt (Bardot), Jacket (Forever New), Purse (Tory Burch), Sneakers (Bershka)

image1-6Last but not least, I and J had such a funny silly conversation in the middle of the shooting sessions. It made us do some awkward pose with our hands too. What is it J? “a whisker on your chinagin?” Yeahh he speaks a lot nowadays, I mean with his own languages and interpretation. And my brains are still working hard to keep up with his complicated smart convo. See you on the next strolls! Good night. xx




The Tjungs


We just had a FUN Sunday; served together as a couple at church, lunched with some old and new friends, coffee hunting, #ootd photoshoot and playground visitation in the evening. What a glorious way to spent Sunday. Friends and Coffee are always the best companion, don’t you think? And yeah check out this place Campos Alexandria for some serious coffee lover.


Well, for The Tjungs #ootd this round, ONCE AGAIN! We dressed up in BLACK. When in doubt, wear black. I guess, mommy is always in doubt mode. Because again she styled the family IN BLACK. Seriously!! But, I gotta admit that we were kinda had a hectic Sunday morning as per usual, and what came in my mind and what I saw is BACK everywhere. So I decided to go with black on black.

B&C2Kenny : Jacket (Armani Jeans), Shirt (Fashi8on Store), Shoes (Siren), Sling Bag (Decjuba)B&C3B&C4Andri : Blazer + Pants (Zara), Shoes (Aquila) / Jared : Caps (TwoLittleSouls), Jacket (Little Kandy), Tee (Kidult & Co), Pants (Little XO Kings), Shoes (H&M Kids)

Am I lucky or blessed to be able to call these two boys mine? They ARE such a cutie. Copied one another. Acted like one another. Dressed like one another. And their brown boots.


And we finished the day by viewing these beautiful sunset by the water a Drummoyne park. We live in such a beautiful country indeed. Thank you Jesus.


The Tjungs