@thejuniorstyle: ROYAL TWO BIRTHDAY


HAPPY 2nd ROYAL BIRTHDAY dear my lil J. We love you so much, much more than what you can think of. We let you to be a KING for the day, and wish you had your best time as the “ruler”(just like your name meaning; Jared = ruler) of the house for a day. It’s a training ground for your future leadership, so take this opportunity seriously, son. Ha.

We surprised J with a tiny celebration in the morning, with giant baloons and choc mud cake + candles. And his face was a total priceless, I can’t even described it. We sang a happy birthday song and blew candles. Next, was breakfast time, guess what ddi we have for brekkie? YEAHHHH…choc mud cake + ice cream. BEST THING EVER!! for a toddler like J. WORST THING EVER! for an oldie like mum and dad whom in need for some exercises and detox. Then, let’s take some family photos with the birthday boy!!


Next, we went out for lunch at The Incinerator ; A Modern European menu in a 1930s building with a vaulted ceiling, designed by Walter Burley Griffin. What a nice opened area to spend a quality time with family. And love the food too. I recommended the chicken salad with quinoa, spinach, baked pumpkin, pine nuts and goat cheese for you who is trying to eat clean but still can’t resist not to have some meat on your meal. Just like me. hahahahaha. 😉 And daddy had to stick with wagyu sandwich; he’s not that adventurous with food, but I didn’t blame him though. Again, we let J chose his lunch, he went with fish and chips + ketchup. J woke up pretty late this morning, so he got a lot of spare energy to burn after lunch, so we decided to take some #ootd pictures of him. And here are they…

This outfit was a winner to me. Swag-ness overload. Little Kid. Big Style. YES! That’s our boy.

Next, we headed out to Luna Park because J was nagging to ride a horse. So, we went to Luna Park, located at Milsons Point, on the northern shore of Sydney Harbour in order to fulfil his wish. BUT, as soon as we arrived, we realised that today was Thursday, and Luna Park was closed for operation.

They opens Fri-Sun ONLY on school terms. We’re so sad… 😦 especially J, he saw through the merry-go-round behind the curtains, but he couldn’t get in. It was like, seeing your dreams within the reach, but you simply can’t have a taste of it. It’s devastating. And as 2 year old, I guess it would be harder for him to handle than us, adults. So, to paid it off, we bought him a giant lollies which so pricy ($11.95 each) which bigger than his face size. Trust me, it’s prob the biggest and heaviest lollies I’ve ever seen.

As a note: I AM OBSESSED with his hair cut by Mr. Cuts Top Ryde. Seriously on point. Thanks to Isaac as the stylist. We definitely will be back for another cut in the next few months.

Then we spent the rest of our afternoon to check out some art gallery in the city, Museum Contemporary Art, just to give J a bit of taste of art and design, and wish that he would love it as much as the parents do. We tried that hard though. And to our surprise, he seemed quite enjoy the trip, he didn’t scream or run around. He paid attention to most of the handworks. I guess, we brought him to the right place. >< We would recommended you to visit MCA one day, free admission, great artworks and concepts. It won’t disappoint you.


We finished the day with a city stroll, as usual. And loving every time we gotta spend as a family.

Special thanks to Daddy, who’s taking off a day off specially to celebrate J’s birthday together, took us to some magical places and captured a lot of precious moments of our beloved grown son. Last word, HAPPY BIRTHDAY JARED. As your parents, we will always be there for you to guide you to your destiny and calling that God has placed in your heart. And remember, You don’t have to be the best at everything, just find your one thing, and do it best! WE LOVE YOU SON!



The Tjungs





MONDAY CURRENT SITUATION in thetjungs’ house

“Still in the weekend mode” never applies to my kid. What about yours?! I literally drink more coffee on Monday. Daddy’s off to his longest day at work in a week. J’s pulling off my dress while whinging for anything possible. And ME, huh…shake it off, baby! Walk away, let him cry for a moment (selective hearing mode on), and go get some fresh air. I thought, he gotta learn how to deal with the word NO any time soon, so why not teaching him as early as possible. That 30seconds – 1 minute breathing time is really help you to clear out your mind and refresh your soul. Rather than screaming at him which will make him cry louder, I would come back and ask him gently to stop crying and explaining the reason why I said NO to his request. I know this method won’t work instantly, your toddler will keep doing the same thing 5 mins after the reconciliation, but heyyy…kids learn through repetition of events. Don’t give up. Keep doing what you’re doing, and they will get your whole point one day.

And by the way… J is turning 2 years old in just 2 days, wish me luck for this “terrible two”. Some part of me is very excited to see many new developments and more funny words/statements will come out from his little mouth, but on the other hand, I am terrified to deal with this fiery adventurous little man. He has shown more peak tantrums and being more demanding for the past 3 months, would it be gone worse?! Any tips and tricks how to deal with this tantrums are more than welcome, please comment below. 

And today we’re dressing in WHITE THEME plus we took some twinning pose too. So proud of my J, he’s been really enjoying this modelling thing lately (still along with a box of chocolates and dozen of lollies). He even helped me pressing the camera button. hhmmm… Not sure, which side are you good at son, Daddy or Mommy?! Photographer or Model? hahahahaha…

 Kenny : Sunnies (Urban Outfitters), Jacket (Armani Jeans), A-line Dress (Zara), Sling Bag (Furla), Boots (Aldo)
Jared : White Vest Mesh & Pants (Beau Bella Kids), Denim Shirt (H&M Kids), Shoes (Converse)


The Tjungs


HAPPY FRI-YAY! it’s a gloomy day in Sydney, no plans for the day, nowhere to go, and J’s napping a bit longer than usual. I guess, it’s a perfect time to do some throwbacks. As I’m flicking through the galleries on my iphone, I found some good old pictures worth to share. And these pictures are the first #ootd pictures we took as a couple. Most of the time, J’s falling asleep in the car, and we can’t move him from the car seat cause he will wake up as soon as we unlocked the seatbelt. So, NO CHOICE, we gotta either wait in the car or keep driving till he wake up. Both are not the best options, but we are powerless. He rules this family. hahahahaha. Take me back to toddler’s life!!

So, we were thinking why don’t we make the best out of his nap time? By taking pictures of us as a couple?! Camera is inside the booth. #ootd is ON POINT. Find one or two perfect aisle with cool backgrounds. And, we are ready for the shoot. It is a WIN-WIN situation for EVERY one. For those of you who were checking out our Instagram and still wondering how can we have a couple shot with a toddler along? Follow those tricks above, guys! and please do not forget to HAVE FUN!! Ha. Have fun you say…I don’t think so.

Your life is over when you have kids. I heard this statement a lot, and I kinda disagree. Having family, especially with kids along, is required more tolerance than sacrifice. We don’t have to sacrifice our dreams/passions, we just need to tolerate more of changing plans and tweaking schedules.

My kid inspired me a lot in many ways, and I don’t think I could be who I am today without him; enjoying blogging and pursuing my passion in fashion styling. He made me see a bigger version of ME. So, YOLO. and here’s my motto. Let’s make THE BEST out of today.

And…our first #ootd went like this…longline blazer, shirt, and chinos. All inspired by Japanese Fashion Style. What do you guys think? Yay or Nay?


Kenny : Fedora (Sportsgirl), Leopard Shirt (XSML), Nude Blazer (Forever New), White Pants (Topshop)
Andri :  Glasses (Bailey Nelson), Longline Khaki Blazer (Womb_Osu), Shirt (Zara), Chinos (Aquila Menswear)


The Tjungs

@thejuniorstyle: MINI STREET STYLE

Hey there, for those of you who hasn’t had an idea about what J’s doing for his living (yeah, better to teach him early than late, right?! J) He’s in business of Brand Repping.

  • What is Brand Representative? Simple, someone who represents a brand on Instagram.
  • And how does it work? A brand or store will choose a child based on the style of photography and the look they want to promote, so basically the decision depends on your Instagram feed and level of activity. It’s a lot like casting to be a model but it’s all done online and often it’s mum or dad taking the photos. The chosen representative will receive free clothing in return for advertising in the form of quality photographs that are posted on Instagram.

Free clothes for free exposure and advertising sounds great?! But, it is not an easy task at all; working with toddler is a real BIG task. The #cuttingroomfloor was mostly filled with mess and chaos. There are times when the mini model is in the mood of posing and all, there are times when bribery is no longer working and you ended up with sweats and blurry photos.But, let us not forget to keep CHERISH every moments with your precious minis, cause they are truly the greatest gift you could ever ask. They smiles worked like magic. And I decided to feature J’s fashion and style on this blog too, cause simply, I don’t want to bombard my Instagram followers with thousands of some details photos. But here, I can and I will. I had too many good photos of him and don’t want to let it stay in my hard drive without sharing it. And of course, we love shop smalls and would like to support them as much as we can. Whatever I post here, I will put a direct link for the shops, so you can get some cool stuffs for your minis. And don’t forget to follow J’s ig @thejuniorstyle for some kids fashion inspirations.

And here’s the first collections of @thejuniorstyle STREET STYLE featuring Beau Bella Kids

White Vest & Pants (Beau Bella Kids), Kicks (Converse)


Cross Snapback (Two Little Souls), Romper (Beau Bella Kids), Boots (Docs Martens)   


Beanie (H&M), Long bomber jacket (Beau Bella Kids), Black Romper (BobbyG Babywear)

Oh really, this newest collections of Beau Bella Kids are too good to be true. Its all on the details. Every details make every piece so stylish and original. Not to forget about the quality, they are unbelievable, worth every penny. I can’t decide which is my favourite look. Feel free to vote then maybe I could give you a voucher to get his whole look. 😉

Bye for now! See you on the next blog of @thejuniorstyle. xx


The Tjungs


Family isn’t always blood. It’s the people in your life who want you in theirs; the ones who accept you the way you are. The ones who would do anything to see you smile & who love you no matter what.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

THIS IS MY FAMILY. We known each other through the church. From single to relationship to marriage. We laughs and we weeps together. We fights and builds one another. I am proud to do life alongside these beautiful bunch. We are who we are today because of them.

We spent the last 3 days at Kiama with these bunch; some of our favourite people. AND, we had such a FUN time. Despite of all the loud noises, the whinging, The Wiggles repeat playlists, the food mess, the late night cries of the kids, I would still choose to do it all over again with them. We shared life over coffee, we did some photo hunting, we enjoyed late brunch, and still dare to watch a horror movie with both eyes covered (well, half movie to be more precise) before we moved on to “The Revenant”. Ha. Enough with all the challenges and heart racing dramas the kids gave us during the day. We honestly need something more relaxed for the night. 😉

We love the holiday house, we love the views, and we love the food there too. Kiama has some various restaurants for you; from fish and chips to Mexican food. But, our favourite was this kiosk below; The Hungry Monkey . They served breakfast and lunch. And they had a great range of burgers with such an affordable price too. One of the popular one called “the bad boy” was a winner for me. When you had a chance to visit Kiama, please give this place a try, and thank me later. Aye?!


Well, now we’re home. Refreshed and Rested. Time to have some proper sleep and get ready for tomorrow’s victory. See you at The Tjungs’ NEXT TRIP review. xx



The Tjungs


I woke up pretty late this morning with aching joints, leg paints and fatigue. POSITIVE! I am in my period and couldn’t sleep till 4am. Thank God for my ready-steady hubby who came to rescue this morning, he took J’s out from his cot and calmed him down with a glass of warm milk and let me sleep through for a little few minutes more. Yeah, I meant it. 3-5 minutes later J’s climbed on my bed and snugged into my blanket. Ha. For God’s sake, why does bub really know how to annoy you on your possible unproductive day?! I seriously felt like screaming. Leave me alone!!

I collected myself, got up from my bed, and went straight to brush my teeth. The moment I looked at myself in the mirror, I realised I was desperately need to wash my hair. But again as you know, for us, mum, showering is a luxury thing. You’ll be lucky to get showered by kids’ nap time. So, girls…what can go more than A BAD HAIR DAY and being late?! It perhaps one of the most annoying problem for all of us. aye?

“These won’t work.” I said to myself. I gotta do something. I would not let these situations ruined my day. I felt so bad for letting J’s crying out on next door cause I was having too much fun with my sleeping business. SO, I guess today is the day when I need a bright color in my life. hhhmmm…let’s go with RED. Red is the color of fire and blood, so it is associated with energy, strength, power, determination as well as passion, desire, and love. Red is a very emotionally intense color. It enhances human metabolism, increases respiration rate, and raises blood pressure. Exactly what I need! ENERGY BOOSTER and LOVE. This is the time when my multifunction headband came in so handy and helpful. Here’s my super easy BAD HAIR DAY TRICK:

  1. Tie your hair up, and make a bun (3 secs)
  2. Put the headband on (3-5 mins for beginners)
  3. Draw your lip line with red lip liner (10 secs)
  4. Finally, apply your favourite Red Lipstick on (2 secs)


Headband (Dotti), Lipstick (L’oreal Paris no.70), Lip Liner (Maybelline)

Voila…here’s my final look for today. This RED color had seriously changed my mood dramatically. Everytime I saw myself in the mirror, that color just popped and gave me a new hope that today’s gonna be a great day.


Then, I decided to take J’s out for a nice brunch around the neighbourhood. We went to Dachshund Coffee in Hunters Hill. (visit their website http://comesitstay.com.au/) COME.SIT.STAY is their motto. They were truly delivered. Inviting place, tasty food, good coffee. We wanted to stay a bit longer, especially J, he’s enjoying the colouring table provided for the minis. I recommended this place for Northern suburbs mums. 😉

As I wrote this blog, I realised that joy/happiness is not something that will always come automatically. Most of the days, you gotta work hard for it, you gotta pursue it. Joy is a decision. I was glad that I chose joy over sorrow. I was glad that I decided to put on my Red gear, dressed a bit up, and went out for brunch rather than watching TVs on my PJs and oily hair.

Psalm 16:9, NIV Therefore my heart is glad and my tongue rejoices; my body also will rest secure.

Whatever you decided in your heart and mind today will eventually affect your body. When you decided that YOU WILL, your body will start to move accordingly. When you said YOU CAN, your body will start to functioning appropriately towards your goal. So, friends…let His words transformed your mind and resonate into your heart. CHOOSE WISELY TODAY! God bless! And Happy Long Weekend.


The Tjungs


Hey guyyysss….Hope you are all feeling joyful today! just like me when I found out that the sun was finally shining. oh yeah!! And you guessed it! PHOTO TIME…

We thought that it’s a good time to take J’s out for some play under the sun after 3 full days staying with snacks, blankets and DVDs. right?!  And sometimes, I feel so guilty as a mom, to let my kid get exposed with the screens. But, at the same time, I just need to get some things done (eg: chopping, frying, ironing) and honestly; a time to breath (if you know what I mean). Well, I know that the housekeeping business could wait and letting your kids involved is a good thing. But, I don’t think it work for an exploring 2year old buddy. Ha. Some mums, they judge easily on us who let our kids watching TV/iPads, I don’t blame them, instead, I adore them for being so present for their kid 24/7 and being so organised. So, please don’t judge us too. I believe as a parent, our job is to supervise our kid, not to strict them. “NOTHING TOO MUCH” is good, isn’t it?! 😉

And here’s the sneak peak of our outdoor play yesterday wearing our favourite DENIMS too. I, personally think that DENIM is one of the basic essential that every one of us has to have in our closet besides black and white. Cause, what can go wrong with denim, huh? Layering or by itself. Sunny or cloudy. Day or night. Whatever. It WILL DO.

Top it up with a fedora hat for an edgy look, just like my boys below.

And scarf is a perfect accessories to keep you warm in a sunny chill day. It’s not too much or overheated.



Sunnies (Le Specs), Denim Jacket (I Love H81), Scarf (Mango), White Shirt (Zara), Skirt (local market), Heels (Freelance)


Fedora (Lack Of Color/ @lackofcoloraus), Sunnies (Urban Outfitters), Denim Jacket (Pull&Bear), Jeans (H&M), Boots (Aquila) 


Fedora (Cotton On Kids), Denim Jacket (H&M kids), White Shirt (Gingersnaps), Mickey Mouse jeans (@izzybizzyshop), Shoes (nike jordan)


The Tjungs


Sydney’s weather was horrible for the past 3 days, unlike last week; where the sun was out, this weekend has been full of rains and storms. So, unfortunately we can’t take any picture yesterday due to the rains and storms. So, I decided to post a throwback to last week. We had such a fun time exploring a new-to-go neighbourhood in the city area, called Barangaroo. Modern and stylish are probably the best words to describe this place. Surrounded by some various cool cafes and sophisticated dining restaurants looking at the stunning King Street Wharf. There are also a spacious ground for kids to run around and play. hhmm…that’s a plus point for all the parents out there. I guess, it is a place we will definitely revisit next time.

Yeah and we wore BLACK ON BLACK. Simply because most of our outerwear are BLACK, so why not daring to style the BLACKS. true?! And surely, you can’t go wrong with black, can you?! Let’s start with the boys’ outfit. BLAZER + SNEAKERS. it’s a winner . (dot) And they both nailed their #ootd pose. Ha. I trained them well, didn’t I? hahahahaha 🙂

And I wore SKIRT + SNEAKER. Who said that a tomboy girl can’t wear skirt? You definitely can! And to keep me warm during this winter season, let’s add a medium length socks to this outfit too. Voila. It is a perfect substitute for boots. I mean sometimes, I got bored with boots and believe me a good pair of boots is a bit pricy. So for those of you, who doesn’t want to spend a lot of money for new boots and still want to afford looking stylish during this winter. Keep those sneakers or flats AND go get some new socks. I will post a new blog “HOW TO STYLE YOUR SOCKS” for more ideas. Stay tuned.


Outerwear : Forever21

Long sleeve Knitwear : H&M

Skirt : Country Road

Shoes : Adidas Superstar

Sunnies : Le Specs


Blazer & Pants : Zara

Tee : H&M

Shoes : Nike Air MAx

Sunnies : Rayban


Blazer & Jeans : H&M Kids

Tee : @Babiesbybee (find on instagram)

Shoes : Adidas Superstar

Slouchy beanie : @zaibob (find on instagram)


The Tjungs


YAAAYYYYYY!! WE MADE IT!! Finally, after a long list of works, editing, preparations, and considerations. Here we are ALIVE & ACTIVE in the blogging zone. I, personally, feel so over the moon and thrilled to share this moment with you guys. Since, this is my very first post (in my life), I would like to introduce you to my crew.

Andri: daddy and photographer.

Kenny: mommy, fashion stylist, and blogger.

Jared: firstborn, entertainer, fire-cracker, and drummer.

Moreover, I would also dedicate this first post as my gratitudes speech. I thank God for His works and His timings over my life. I would never be who I am today without Him. He gave me talents and empower me to inspire people with my gifts.

To my multi-talented hubby; who has been very very very very helpful and supportive from the beginning till today. You are truly a God-sent. Thank you for capturing all these wonderful moments of The Tjungs. Thank you for your continuous love and care for the family. J and I love you so much.Well, enough with him. Somehow, I feel like he’s gonna fly anytime soon. 😉 LOL.

Last but not least, I would also thank all the families and friends who have been complimenting and suggesting us to start our own blog. Guys!!! We did it!!! HA. Thanks for your faith in us. We love you tons!

Let the journey begin! Come on board with The Tjungs. We do hope you enjoy our daily stroll.


The Tjungs